Fix For iOS 4.2 "No Content" Music Wipeout

Apple released iOS 4.2 to users today and the new software brings in a lot of new changes. iOS 4.2 is also a unified OS across all devices including the , and .

iOS 4.2 No Content in Music

However, users who have upgraded to iOS 4.2 are reporting that the update is wiping out all their music/songs and launching the Music app displays a message saying "No Content" available. This message can come as a shocker to many, but fortunately your music has not been wiped out and there is a quick fix for this issue.

TechCrunch has pointed out to a simple fix for this issue. If you see "No Content" when you launch the music app on the iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad, just plug the device into the computer and play a song from the device. Once you have done that sync your device and your songs will be recognized again.

So don’t panic, your music is still there alive and waiting to be heard.

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  • Stilton

    Here’s a freaking news bulletion: if your iPod shows “NO CONTENT,” then you CAN’T simply “play a song from the device” because THERE AREN’T ANY!

    I’ve been trying to get back my content for two days, and am getting tired of people posting this “simple” but impossible fix.

    • @Stilton – Did you connect the device to the PC/Mac and then click on the Music option provided when you expand the device in the left sidebar in iTunes?

      • Kerrie

        I have been to a few websites proclaiming this fix, but to no avail. Shall I point out EXACTLY what happens? Ok thank you.

        1) I jump around with glee thinking I founf the “fix” after cussing apple in my mind

        2) I do exacly as ithe site says – click on the device and it pulls up my music.

        3) I find a song to help me relax through this ordeal before i smash something

        4) I click sync to sync the damn thing

        5) I turn to my itouch to see my tunes


        7) come back to google another solution, but to no avail

        Seems I’ll have to wait til apple fixes this themselves. By the way the blank at 6 is no oversight, simply means nothing happened

      • J

        Worked for me.

  • JAson

    I also had this problem and neither the language nor the playing music fix worked. I did find something that worked after about 12 hours of pulling my hair out, not that I had much to begin with. I bought a song on my iphone (3gs), not through the computer, from the itunes store. After it downloaded it was the only song on my iphone, then I synced the phone to the computer. My problem was then solved. My only assumption was that because the downloaded song also needed to be synced to the computer it corrected the bug. I hope this helps someone who the other fixes did not work for.

  • Keith Moran

    Happened to me twice so far – both times, just connecting to the home computer and looking in iTunes shows all my music on the iPhone. Running a fresh sync, disconnecting, waiting for library to update, and everything’s fine. iPhone 3GS currently running 4.3.5.