Filter Tweets In Twitter Web Interface

is a place for everyone to communicate their feelings with no one in particular. However, at times some people you follow could go on a tweet rampage or there could be a barrage of tweets for some #hashtag which can get annoying. Unfollowing those people is an easy option to stop seeing their tweets, but what if you could just temporarily not view those tweets from a person or for a #hashtag on your timeline?


Desktop software like already provide you with an option to filter tweets, however, it you cannot do it on the web though. Twitter Filter is a handy for which allows you to temporarily filter out tweets from certain users in the web interface. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, this extension will allow you to exclude tweets that contain a certain #hashtag, as well as tweets from one or more people. This is a great way to temporarily hide tweets instead of using the Unfollow button.


users can make use of some scripts to filter out tweets from your Twitter web timeline. You can install the Filter Tweets script for Greasemonkey and use it to filter out keywords or people’s tweets from your timeline temporarily. One benefit of using this script is that you can also filter out all tweets which contain links.

This script can also be used on Chrome, and Internet Explorer. You might want to read our earlier tutorial on installing Greasemonkey scripts in Opera, IE and Safari.

P.S. I have only tested these scripts with the #newTwitter interface. I am not 100% sure about it working with the older one.

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