How To Download Videos From Megavideo?

Megavideo is a pretty popular video sharing website and you can find tons of videos from users, however what if you want to watch those videos on your desktop?


If you are looking to download videos from Megavideo, there are few ways in which you can do that. Here are some simple steps in which you can download videos from Megavideo and enjoy it from your desktop.

The files can be downloaded in several formats, including FLV. If you are unsure how to open FLV files, read our guide on How to Open FLV Files.

Steps To Download Videos From Megavideo

Step 1: Download the Megavideo Video Downloader Tool

Step 2: Perform the setup for the Megavideo Video Downloader Tool

Step 3: Launch the application and find the URL of the video you want to download that is hosted on Megavideo.

Step 4: Enter the URL of the video into the Megavideo Video Downloader tool as shown below and click on the add button.


Step 5: Select the format in which you want to download the video.


Step 6: Click on the start button to begin download of the video.


Handy Tips: You can also auto start the downloads automatically by clicking on the checkbox next to auto-start, in addition to that you can also download multiple videos from Megavideo at once. You can also use a tool called Megavideo Downloader to download videos from Megavideo using Google Desktop.

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