How To Display Comments In Google Reader

Google Reader is one of the best RSS readers out there, no doubt. The only feature I always wish they had is the ability to include comments along with the content. For example, I will be reading a post from Techcrunch in my Google Reader but I won’t be able to see the comments to that post. For that, I would have to go to the actual website which makes the whole effort a little time-consuming.

The good news is, somebody saw the need and developed an excellent solution to this. gReactions is a Firefox Addon that adds user comments to the post in your Google Reader. Not only that, it also crawls sources like Twitter, Digg, FriendFeed and Reddit, and includes user comments from these sources as well.

Once you install the gReactions Firefox Addon from here, your Google Reader item would show an extra option at the end of every item that would say Show Comments.   Clicking on that would display comments that have been posted in reply to the actual article.

You can filter to see the actual comments to the post or only see the messages on Twitter about that post.

I still don’t think this is a perfect solution since gReactions has a time lag to show all the comments, however, I still think it is an excellent tool to see user reactions to a comment right within your Google Reader.

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