How To Disable Google Analytics

Recently we got a query from one of our users who asked us on how they can delete their information from Google Analytics. Though it is not usually possible for people to do it, we wanted to give everyone a general idea on how you can disable or block Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a website tracking software which can track your IP address, browser information, operating system, country and more when you visit a website. This information is usually available with both Google and also with the website you visit.

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Google Analytics is not the only one who collects such information and several websites may use different analytics software to do it, and may also have their own internal tracking. Disabling analytics cannot be done through a simple JavaScript block since many website analytics software also use image tracking.

Most of the analytics software do not provide end-users with a way to opt-out. However, Google does provide users with an option to disable Google Analytics using browser based add-ons for Firefox, IE and . We had written about the Google Analytics Blocker in the past and you can download the add-on for your own browser by visiting this URL.

Once you install this add-on Google Analytics will no longer track your visits to websites which make use of their service. We will keep an eye for other services which disable analytics for other services and let you know once we come across something.

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  • Is it possible you could use a Firefox plugin called "RefControl" I think one of the options allows you to "block" the referral or even spoof the referral, wouldn't that be a way to block the information? Or is there still some information leaked from that?

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  • Personally I think it is a little overly paranoid to want to block Google Analytics. Regardless, I guess it's good there is a way for people to block it.

    @Jean: you would likely need to do more than just block the referral to block Analytics. That would just prevent them from logging how you got that website. They would still record other information related to your session and ip.

    • magentastorm

      Paranoid? I think not, when the purple box pops up with a list of ten and continues to add more every time you link to another site/product and does this every few minutes unless you stay on the same page. Google’s instructions for removing this are impossible for me to understand

  • B_N

    I just installed it, does not work.

  • erick

    i used adblock pus then just manually added

    • erick

      heheh i meant *plus*

  • Sarah

    Two additional ways to block Google Analytics are Abine’s Privacy Suite for Firefox & IE and ChromeBlock extension for Google Chrome. All of them are free and I’ve found them easy to use and effective. They block all of the major tracking software, too, not just Google Analytics. Here’s their site:

  • Alexei

    Ghostery (, available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and IE, lets you detect and optionally disable Google Analytics, along with 600+ other web “bugs”.

  • I documented a more permanent method using hosts file here