How To Disable Facebook Lightbox Viewer

Facebook’s new lightbox photo viewer is quite irritating. It certainly saves time, but its altogether a different viewing experience and users like me who are used to the earlier version of viewing photos will definitely find the lightbox viewer irritating and useless.

Facebook Lightbox

Facebook doesn’t allow users to disable this feature and allow users to revert back to the earlier version. However, there are ways by which you can disable the lightbox viewer.

Refresh (F5)

The easiest and probably the quickest way to overcome this viewer is to refresh your page by pressing F5 (or the refresh button in the browser). Refreshing the page will allow you to view photos in the old style. This is effective until you switch to another album.

Browser Extension

Switching to another album will bring back the lightbox again. To avoid refreshing your page for every album and to permanently disable the lightbox feature, you can install the available browser extensions.

Download Google Chrome Extension

Download Firefox Extension

Alternatively, removing &type=1&theater from the address bar and pressing enter will close the lightbox. However, this method worked only in Google Chrome for me.

Disable Facebook Lightbox

2 thoughts on “How To Disable Facebook Lightbox Viewer”

  1. Removing “&theater” from end of URL works in most browser. Also, another good option is to open as
    Right Click-> Open in New Tab/New Window

    Will open without that irritating lightbox viewer.

  2. I love the lightbox viewer personally, I feel it makes looking through my wall and quickly glancing at peoples pictures much easier.

    I’d love to know why you find it irritating? Simple because it changed or do you feel features are now missing that were present before?

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