How To Disable/Enable Google Instant Search

Google Instant is a new real-time search experience which provides results even before you can type and also allows you to quickly view results for autocomplete suggestions.

Google Instant Weather Results

Google Instant not only provides you with Instant search results, it also provides you with instant autocomplete suggestions to enhance your search experience. Google Instant will be rolled out to users across the world in a phased manner.

If you want to disable or enable Google Instant Search you will need to visit your preference page, and you can turn off Google Instant by clicking the link next to the search box on any search results page, or by visiting your Preferences page.

You can enable the Instant Search by visiting the Preferences page and clicking the link next to the search box again.

Tip: As a temporary solution, if you cannot enable the search right now, you can visit and click on the "Try it Now" button to enable it. You might have to clear cookies in order to disable it later on.

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  • I’d also mention that if you aren’t using one of the data centers that have it on by default, it’ll enable once you log into Google using a Google Account.

  • no

    “you can visit and click on the “Try it Now” button to enable it”

    That doesn’t work. All it does is take me to the normal google search page and behave normally.

  • FreemonSandlewould

    Are you only getting 10 search results when you google ? Have you tried setting your number of search results on your search preference page a over and over again only to get 10 results?!

    The problem is someone at google massively goofed. They have a new thing called “Google Instant” that if it is clicked on your preference page no matter what you do you will only get 10 results!

    Now mind you they say google instant will save gobs of time. Except I just spent about 2 hours trying to find how to get 100 results per page! And to add insult to injury I did not select this setting. Google must have foisted it on me with no option flagged to me. AWFUL!

    Added Note: When I finally realized that the problem was not my computer and was indeed a problem engineered by google I thought that was the end of it. I could set my preference away from google instant and they would leave me alone.

    This is not the case. I woke up this morning and first query of the day what do I see? Only 10 results! So I open the search preferences page again and there it is! Google instant is selected again!

    Hey Google stop changing my search settings!

    No wonder you Google creeps like Obama. You are social engineers just like him! You should take note of his plummeting approval polls. This is not good for business! Stop fcuking with my search settings!

    • Bob Jones

      Idiot republican. Go get teabagged.

      • mj12

        @Bob Jones
        “Idiot Republican. Go get teabagged.”
        You’re the one getting “tea bagged” and you don’t even know it… in fact I’d say you rather enjoy it, given that inspite of what Obama, I refuse to refer to him as “president”, has done to the economics of this country, you apparently still support that a$$hole. If that jerk were to knock on my door, I’d slam the door in his face. You get exactly what you deserve… a socialist agenda pushing long-legged-mack-daddy that has highjacked the Whitehouse, whose country of birth is still in question. Now, regarding the supposed “birth certificate” that turned up in Hawaii… I personally know a person who forged a “birth certificate” with which he obtained a driver’s license, a voter’s registration, a social security card, a library card and yes… a US passport! So don’t try and pawn the garbage off on me.

    • top1095

      Its a sorry piece of SHIT!

  • FoleyIsGood

    No option to enable it and the “Try it Now” button doesn’t help either.

  • Thanks Keith. Google Instant was driving me nuts. Whatever possessed them and made them believe I can’t wait until I press enter for my search results?

  • help4google
  • ramiro160

    I finally found how to do get 100 results:

    1. Go to search setting.
    2. De-select Google instant.
    2. Keep the number of results at 10.
    3. Save your preferences.
    4. Return again to search setting.
    5. Change the number of results displayed to 100 (or whatever you want),
    6. Save again your preferences.

    Two months to figure out how to do it.!!!!

    • Ramesh

      thanks !!

    • Vinay

      all i got is this stupid message.

      The requested URL /setprefs?sig=0_qBO1kPx_AnI_9EmSvYqw__Q-Ie0%3D&hl=en&uulo=0&muul=4_20&luul=&safeui=images&suggon=2&num=10&q=& was not found on this server. That’s all we know

  • Tim

    Thanks – Disabling it will now be the first thing I do when I start searching.

    Google instant is a mess – a real pain in the neck. Why did they do it? I also like to search with 100 options per page and that can only be done if google instant is disabled.

    Hopefully they will get rid of this irritant.

    • Bill

      I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing magic about the first characters in a search query … more often than not the following characters are essential to define the search. Attempts to second guess what the user really wants usually get it wrong.

      Having stuff pop up on the screen in the middle of a query is like having someone interrupt you in the middle of a sentence. It’s rude and annoying.

  • sozcaps

    If you’re searching for means to remove google search suggestions/queries as well as google instant, this is how:

  • I’ve been using Bing and Yahoo since this crappy Google Instant started. Fecking annoying, it wastes more time than it saves.

  • jsgg

    But the thing is that I have to log in every time – thereby compromising the last bit of my privacy.

  • Jsgg

    If you use Firefox simply install Noscript addon and mark as untrusted. This will turn off autocomplete and Instant search

  • Max Brenner

    When I am signed it going to preferences does not disable instant search.

    So this article is a LIE!

    I want to get rid to ths f____ thing!


  • G-Nstant Sucks

    Google Instant SUCKS! I will use good language here but the loathing and hate I have for instant is beyond decent words. I know you posted this article a long time ago.. but the problem that google didnt tell you and anyone else is that Google Instant is always set on by default and even if you have your cookies set right the preference where google instant is on alayws reverts back. Its google way of making you go to their top ads. When typing in google instant the top three results are always ads google sold to and this is the way google forces you to go to sites they sell ads to.
    Google instant is another example of how Google has become another blood sucking vampire squide of the corporate world.

  • Barney Fife

    They “fixed” Google and made it worse. So typical.

  • Åžikeci Fener

    It didn’t work for me. I disabled it but when I restart the browser instant search is on as well as Location thing. grrr. Now I’ll try Noscript.


    Thanks humpty similar link worked for me. I don’t want to be directed to what governments want anymore. I don’t want to think the way as those idiots desire.

  • mj12

    I hate it, especially after I turn it off, only to see it turned back on a day or two later, and I’m still logged on. I wish they’d give the user the option to turn it off permanently! At least until I explicitly turn it back on… which I’d never do. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to work, but it ain’t working like that for me.

  • I don’t ike the google instant related. How do i remove it?

  • sushmitha

    It’s great

  • thanks! that stupid instant search is so annoying! :D

  • yeah, but how do you disable it completely, I do these steps and it does nothing unless I sign out of google. it’s so stupid that they made the default setting “ON”.