How To Delete Your Account From Any Social Network or Web Service
By on May 8th, 2010

Tired of Facebook? Getting lots of spam on your Meebo account? Don’t think you need service any more? If you have a desire to delete any of your social network, blogging or email account but just don’t know how to do that, DeleteYourAccount is a great resource to learn that.

DeleteYourAccount is a simple website that contains detailed instructions on how to delete your account from major web services including direct links to pages or email addresses you need. Simply browse through the alphabetical listing to find your desired web service or look it up using the search box. You can also check out the web services that have recently been added or web services that are popular.

If you delete your account by following the instructions but realize you didn’t want that, the website also has detailed instructions on how to get it back. This information, however, is not available for all the services. As of now, you can find instructions on deleting your account for around 25 different web services. This makes me wish for an app where I can provide my username/password for different web services and automatically get my account deleted without doing any manual steps.

Delete Your Account

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  • Vinícius

    That's useful! Thanks!

  • Aluminum Laptop Case

    Some social networks do make it very difficult to delete your account. Of course it's the last thing they want. Even if you are not using their service anymore, they still want to be able to spam you. So a website like this is much needed.

  • Jason

    Personally, I prefer – in addition to deleting instructions they keep a blacklist of sites that do not allow termination of your account at all. It’s good to check that list before you create an account somewhere. You never know what will happen with your “digital trail”.


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