How to Create Your Own Wifi Hotspot in Windows 7

connectify-program-icon A few weeks ago, a new application, called Connectify, appeared on the net. It made use of an unfinished feature in Win7 to make it easy to create personal wifi connections that can be shared with others. Please note that this application only works in Windows 7.

Recently, Connectify has been updated so that you can name the wifi connection that you create. Here’s how it works.

● Download the Connectify client
● Install it
● Look for the Connectify icon in the system tray

● Click on the icon once to open it

● Set the wifi name
● Set a password of 8 characters or more
● Select either Local or Wireless in the pull down
● Click the “Start Hotspot” button

As you can see, I’ve created a wifi hotspot named “”. In this case, I’m fairly sure it won’t become super-intelligent and try to destroy humanity. (see wikipedia about skynet)

Once it’s live, anyone with your password can connect to your hotspot. Connectify even identifies PCs and devices that are connected to it. You can see them in the window labeled “Connected Clients”. If you double click on a connected client, you can change the little icon next to it to make it easier to identify at a glance.

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Techie-Buzz Verdict: If you would like to share your internet connection wirelessly in your home or on the road, you could not ask for an easier way to do it. I have no problems giving this app a hearty recommendation.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5

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