How To Create Your Own U3-Compatible Windows Portable Application

If you are always on the move and hate to carry your laptop, you can use a portable drive to carry your important files/applications. This is a good setup but has limitations. The PC you plug the portable drive into, should have the necessary software to run the files or applications.

A U3 smart drive will solve this problem, as it’ll let you carry files and software on the same drive. You can plug the U3 smart drive to any PC and start using the PC as if it was your own and when you unplug the drive from the system, no sensitive data will be left behind. The U3 smart drive comes with pre-loaded software, some of them are : Mozilla Firefox, Skype, Dmailer, Outlook, RoboForm.


If you want any application of your choice on U3 USB flash drive, then you can use ‘PackageFactory for U3‘. Any application, which is U3-aware or is less dependent on Windows Registry can be converted into a U3P file using PackageFactory.

To create U3P files, you need to drag and drop the .EXE file which you want to install on your U3 USB drive (you need to include the DDLs, INIs and other necessary files to run the application successfully), and click on Create to generate the U3P file.

PackageFactory is free for personal, non-commercial use and the license costs $39.95 if used for business purpose.

[ Download PackageFactory for U3 ]

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