How To Create Your Own Orkut Themes?

Hot on the heels of our earlier tutorial where we showed you how to change or apply custom themes to your Orkut account, here is another tutorial which will show you how to create your own Orkut theme.


The tutorial does not require any designing or coding skills and you can create your own Orkut themes in seconds.

Tools Required For This Tutorial

To create Orkut themes you will require some images, so get hold of your favorite wallpapers or use this resource to find some high resolution wallpapers you can use in this tutorial.

Creating Your Own Orkut Themes

Creating your own Orkut themes is quite easy, simply follow our step by step tutorial and use our earlier tutorial to apply themes to your Orkut profile.

Step 1: Upload the wallpaper to a site like Flickr or any other free photo sharing website.

Step 2: Visit The Free Orkut Theme Creator website and enter the URL of the image you uploaded in step 1 and click on the submit button.


Step 3:  Once you have clicked on the submit button it may take a few seconds for your theme to be created, simply click on the Install Scriptlink to install the theme for your Orkut account.

That’s it you can now create tons of Free Orkut themes for free without any efforts.

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