How To Create A Restore Point In Windows XP and Windows Vista?

If you install beta software regularly or install software that make changes to system files, in such cases there is a possibility that something may go wrong and your system may crash due to some malfunctioning software. This is a definite cause of worry, however you can take some precaution in the form of creating a restore point before installing softwares that may not be fully tested or change the system files.

Here are some simple tips that will show you how to create a restore point in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Creating a Restore Point in Windows XP

Step 1: Click on Start and navigate to Control Panel > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

Step 2: On the welcome page, check the radio button next to Create a Restore Point and click on the Next button.


Step 3: Provide a descriptive name for the restore point which you can remember so that you can easily find the restore point if there are any problems later on.


Step 4: You will see a confirmation dialog telling you that the system restore point has been created, click on the Ok button in it.

Creating Restore Point In Windows Vista

Step 1: Click on Start and navigate to Control Panel.

Step 2: Click on the System and Maintenance Link.

Step 3: Click on System Link.

Step 4: Click on the System Protection in the sidebar.


Alternatively you can also search for restoreafter opening the control panel and click on the Create a restore point in the search results.


Step 5: A new Window should popup showing you the drives and the most recent date of the restore point, to create a new restore point, select the drive you want to create the restore point on and click on the create button.


Step 6: Provide the name for the restore point you want to create so that you can identify it easily when you want to restore your system back to this point.


Step 7: Click on the create button, a new window will popup showing you the progress of the system restore point creation.


Step 8: It may take a few minutes to create the restore point, once it is done you will see a message saying The restore point was created successfully, click on the Ok button to complete the task.


That’s it you can now safely install beta softwares and other softwares that modify system files. Keep tuned to read on how you can restore your Windows Vista machine to a previous state if something goes wrong.

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