How To Apply A Christmas Theme To Your Twitter Profile?

Christmas is just around the corner and people will start decorating their houses shortly, if you are a twitter user here are some simple steps that will help you apply a Christmas theme to your twitter account.


Manual Steps To Apply Merry Christmas Theme To your Twitter Account:

Step 1: Log in your twitter account.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Design.

Step 3: Download the Merry Christmas Twitter Background.

Step 4: Click on Change background image and upload this file to your account.

Step 5: Click on Change design colors and change the colors to use the following:

  • background: #000000
  • text: #2c3359
  • links: #008ce6
  • sidebar: #f1f6fe
  • sidebar border: #e8e8e8

Step 6: Click on the save changes button and the new theme should be applied to your profile.

You can also download the Merry Christmas twitter theme from Twitter Themes. Have fun showing off your new Twitter Christmas theme to your followers.

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