How To Add Custom Gadgets To Google Calendar?

Google Calendar has started out with its own Google Calendar labs, however there are only 6 labs feature available right now.

One interesting feature in is to add custom gadgets to it, based on which we told you about the most useful gadgets for Gmail and a bunch of social networking gadgets for Gmail.

According to Google OS, users can also add custom gadgets to Google Calendar, however the method is slightly different that it is for .

Here are some simple steps to add custom gadgets to Google Calendar

How To Add Custom Gadgets To Google Calendar

Step 1: Find a gadget that you want to add to Google Calendar and get the URL for it, you can find more info on getting the URL for a gadget in our earlier tutorial for Gmail.

Step 2: You will now have to create a new URL based on this format, where you will have to replace the GADGET_XML_FILE with the URL for the gadget.

For example to add the wikipedia gadget to calendar the URL will be

Step 3: Load this URL in a browser where you have logged into Google Calendar.

Add Gadgets To Google Calendar

Step 4: Once you load the URL, you will see a overlay window asking for your permission to add the gadget to Google calendar, just click on Yes, add this gadget.

You can add as much gadgets as you want, but interactive gadgets other than those developed using OpenSocial may not work.

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3 thoughts on “How To Add Custom Gadgets To Google Calendar?”

  1. Dear Keith,

    thanks a lot for your detailed tutorial. But how can I remove those embedded gadgets again?


    1. OK – I think I found the answer by myself: You have to click on a hidden 'x'-icon located in the right upper corner.

      Quite tricky ;-)

  2. Interesting method to add gadgets in Google Calendar. Do you also know how to delete them again? I added the Hello World gadget as available in the Google developer guide, but now want to delete it and that does not seem possible?

    Thanks for your help!

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