How To Access Facebook In Pakistan?

Quite recently the Pakistan government banned Facebook over controversial Caricatures by some rogue groups which had come up on the site. However, the decision to ban might have left several users who want to access their favorite site in a spot.

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There are always ways to circumvent around bans by using proxy servers. If you are a stuck Facebook user from Pakistan and are looking to access Facebook from there, you can always try using a proxy.

In the past we have written several guides on accessing blocked websites, you can read them all below and figure out the best way to access Facebook in your country.

These guides should allow you to access the banned Facebook in Pakistan. If you have any other method which would be useful to our readers, please feel free to share them with us.

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  • haroon

    wat you think the people wants to open facebook get a life if its not ban do you think we log in to fb never untile they delete that stuff from it

    dnt use the proxy server people we hve to stop using it beacause they hv deserve wat they are getting

    im with the goverment and im not going to use fb

    • amafah

      yea u r r8… v cn eaisily surviv wdout fb….i dy vil nt del dat pagz v vl nt uz fb….

      m vd da govt……… dy shd also ban proxy site…y dat site iz givng access 2 fb….

      i want proxy banned………..!!!!!!!!!!

      • hamza

        I Also Want Proxy Banned

  • Hi,

    Why dont you survive without facebook for few days?

    Why you need to find different ways to access facebook?

    Its better to be banned so dont find ways to access

    • abrar

      Good yar u have taken good decision. we can survive without fb. there are lots of other websites to interact with friends…..

  • elegant

    hello mr!! we r happy withour FB!!we ve no compromise with the respect of our Beloved Prophet SAW!!u carry on with it in ya country!!personally i appreciate this step!!its a VERy good step!

  • It's me

    I am from Pakistan and I access facebook through proxy sites and also on Opera mini that I run by emulator on my PC.

    Our govt is just a loser!

    • james

      no my firend you are the loser

      you wanto be concered with worldy things such as facebook made by people who dont give a fuck abt you.

      whats more important facebook or islam if you were smart you wont go back to facebook even after it being unbaned

    • Nauman Dosani

      sir can u share with me how can i use facebook ?

    • Randy

      our gov is LOSER….they dont have even authority to talk to ppl who're doin blasphemey…huh! heck paki gov!…love pakiland…buh nah ppl..bad ppl…there are also gud buh loadsa mean! cheaters!…paki losers!!!!!!!!

      its juz they left Islam!!! theyr Strayed!!!!!!!

  • Akbar

    I want to access Facebook, my Government has no right to stop me from having the access to something which is at my free will. Government cannot stop me from getting the info which I want, it is my free will.

    If there is something out there which has hurt you, you have right to voice your concerns and create awareness about it through dialogue and consensus, this is what our religion teaches us not by taking extreme steps or reacting to the situation like this. We as a Nation react to situation not respond and that is why we don't progress.

    • Asim

      there is no negotiation in this issue, U better leave Islam and Pakistan if this act of facebook didnt bother u :S

      • Akbar

        HA HA HA LOL!!! This is the issue with our Nation. We get judgmental. My friend religion is very personal and nobody has right to comment or tell me what I need to do when it comes to religion. It is between my GOD & me.

        The most fundamental principle of Islam is Tolerance and Patience which unfortunately people leaving in so called the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" don't seem to have it. I am stunned to see the protest being done against blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on the social networking site. But I don't see any protest or march on the road to stop Karo Kari, stop pornographic websites, stop child labour. Things our Prophet (PBUH) told us not to involve in we are least bothered about it and what bothers' us is blasphemous caricatures which has ZERO impact on any individual's life or the society as a whole. But things that are un-Islamic and does impact the individuals and the society at large we don't protest. WHY?

        • Well said. :)

        • james

          woho washi lebral muslim you are i have to say

          yes we being a muslim we must have Tolerance and Patience but we someone is dissrespecting us we have to stand up i am not telling you to go and kill them rather be smart and hit their pockets like we did and the masive loss aa non profit orginsation like fb had to face did indeed tought them a lesson

        • Randy

          akbar yo'! i agree wid yo'!!!….dun worry! they dun hav any right to bann anythng which is free to use…n som1 said leave pakiland if wana use fb…btw..WHO ure to say any Pakistani national to leave pakiland ???HUH!?next time b carefull!

        • Randy

          n if they really worried muslims…so Telenor still workin' in pakistan…?

    • sam

      stupid ur government has no right? fuck of u ass hole …u have no any dignity as a Muslim?….shame

    • Nimmi

      I agree with Akbar here, even though i don't think what facebook is doing is very good but still the response we're giving is no better.

      and to Mr.Sam , No offence there bro but seriously you trying to protect Islam better keep its most basic rules in mind. "f*** of" ? you're contradicting your own religion by abusing a muslim brother and yet you're here protecting it ? Shame.

      • Akbar

        @Nimmi: Thank you, at least there is one more out there who thinks who understand the basic principles of Islam.

        We the Muslims 'The Custodians of Islam' don't even know what does the word Islam means? It seems like we the muslims are not very aware of our actions and behaviors. Our actions at times portray completely opposite picture of what Islam teaches us. No one can impose their believes or thoughts onto others despite of their background. Religion is very personal and even we as Muslims cannot point fingers on other muslim or judge their character or believe. It is between GOD and that person and even if GOD has kept this with HIM slef then who are we to judge or pass comments on other let HIM decide what is right and what is wrong.

  • amr

    The team of facebook is 110% negative thinker they havenot authority enter any relegion.

    Bye for ever facebook

    we can live without facebook & maintain friendship through different webs.

    • Asad

      i bet we will hav acces to facebook in june!!

    • hamza

      Yes We Can Live Without Facebook,We Don't Want facebook.bcoz v r Muslims &it is opposite of our religion.facebook,bye for ever.

    • awais

      y u angry this web?u dn't like this web?whhat's ur suggestion's about it?

  • facebook user

    f**k u haroon, panchod, facebook use karna hamara right hai, fanatics idiots, they will shut off facebook, then internet, humay zindigi chahiya, hum jeena chahtay hai..jahil, jis nay nahi istamaal karna gand marwaya..hum to karain ga..jahil panchod

  • @haroon : Your views are the same as mine !

    @It's me : I am glad Pakistani court made the correct decision. It is not about blocking facebook and showing what we can do. It about protecting ourselves from those anti-Islam tactics that i am afraid Facebook owners failed to spot. They ban accounts because of misuse, spam and still did not react this this cause. This is something that my friend you should think about before typing the Proxy site URL. It is a ban for good reasons.

    @Akbar : I am afraid you are missing the entire point here !

    • Akbar

      @ Kashif, I am afraid I am not missing the point here. Where Facebook is used as fun or social networking lot people use it as the place for intellectual discourse.

      Why do you think things like these happen again and again why? Because they know we get ignited without even thinking and it will create a chaos and they take full advantage of it.

      As a learned person my intellect guides to be more tolerant and have a dialogue and intellectual discourse and create awareness about our religion and believes rather then being un-radical. When will we show the that Islam is a peaceful religion not an extremist.

      Action speaks louder then words my friend and there is a BIG conflict between what we preach and what we do.

      • min0

        Well, The government was right to take the step at first.. Cuz facebook should have deleted the page at once as says its policy!.. Facebook wasn't responsible enough so definitely we should protest!.. It is noones right to be racist or insult any religion for that matter..

        And I would agree.. Being judgemental with ones religious matters is the worst thing anyone can do!.. Its everyones own personal business..

        But I also believe.. Now that the facebook has deleted the page.. It should be unbanned..

        Facebook then youtube.. then twitter flicker wikipedia… This is getting way out of hand people!…

        Moderation, isn't that what our religion teaches too?

      • zaibi

        akber fb is a fun site i accept n only this reason im using it almost frm last 4 years .. buh here this time they r crossing its limits .. v have to stop using this site n im glad this time only this in my whole 26years gov took best r say great step against em,,.. if our gov trying to say silently to us v have to listen em its our country our place .. might u get our point wid a simple example .. f some one hurt grandpa n dad says dont c that guy again.. he disrespect ur elder so wat u say .. no i have to go have to meet him .. PROPHET our elder ALLAH last messenger being a muslim v have to show respect for him n here only way to show respect means stop fb youtube n other places that making offensive steps n trying to degrade our self ..

      • Shahid

        well; that the court decision is the start of a dialog and every dialog has its conditions and the condition is to sop bullshit!!

        actually reaction is very subtle; but some people un-necessarily take the burden of wisdom and spirit on their spoiled minds and bowed shoulders.

        Its a matter of time and determination; people, society and the business will settle themselves

    • Islam is against violence too but how many of you believe it? Now I don't want to make this a religion issue and hope others don't too.

      • Smart Guy

        Fuck Facebook, what u people call ur self muslims, shame on u, they have fully brain wahsed u all facebook lover, 1st learn what is isalm then tak about it, u idiots,

        • Sorry to point out, but am not Muslim. Am a tech lover and a believer of free speech and of tolerance and hate violence. So in my mind, Facebook blocking is a stupid thing to do.

        • Nimmi

          And oh we can see how much YOU understand Islam. Check out your language mate, this is exactly the thing, our weakness. Did you see the respond to those Facebook pages ? all Muslims were there abusing the admin like hell not realizing for once that they're contradicting what they're standing up for in the first place. We Muslims really need to practice tolerance. I don't like what Facebook did but that doesn't mean i'll go on abusing people for it.

  • Farhan

    Hey all u "fundamental extremists", why don't u go n block ALL the websites of the world eh?? Do u really think that blocking FB in Pakistan will serve the purpose?? U guyz r a bunch of losers and the government has got nuthin better to do than to let ppl involved in this kinda shit so that no one pays attention to what they do themselves!


  • iLoveMuhammadtoo

    If you guys think it is right thing to do dosnt mean everybody thinks so too.

    if u dont want to use fb, fine. but dont enforce your opinion on others! are we forcing u too use facebook? NO. so better not force others to stop using it as well.

    You can boycott it as much as u want. no one will stop you.

    • min0

      Cool it people! Don't get violent!…

      Doesn't matter if people believe in stuff or follow stuff that is in our religion or not.. It is only between you and your God… Just correct yourself and your religion!.. And forget about pointing fingers at others..

      The proxy and all should be banned too!… Its illegal .. Its bad…! But facebook needs to be unbanned.. Like seriously.. Its modern world… We can't just hide ourselves from everything… The only way we can prove ourselves around the world.. Is by being among them and showing them we are above extremism..

      I can live without facebook.. But government needs to be moderate .. The page has been deleted!.. We made them delete the page.. A thing for pride for all of us who supported the ban.. But now its over.. relax!..

      • min0

        And people who go violent and all crazy .. saying big things! That even they don't know exist.. And saying it in the name of religion!.. Please stop..

        Its disgusting ..!.. Have some shame and manners.. You wanna talk.. Debate.. with respect and intellect..

        • min0

          AND!.. stop calling people in paki crazy!.. who supported the ban.. It was for a reason!..

          People accept each other and each others prespectives.. Find a solution between the two… Moderation people!…

          It just makes you sound really dumb and stupid if you are baist for only one thing.. Without a reason!.. And stop generalising..

          People in paki are not crazy.. Some might be.. But not all of them!..

        • Saj

          I don't care about FB but I don't want to see double standards by no blocking porn sites which is distructing our youth.

  • Smart Guy

    Hay U all stupid peoples, when u all dont know about islam then jst shut you mouth, and its our personal matter what to blok and what not to, dats non of ur busniess and we dont need to make changes in our religion, so wether u like or not we did dat and we r not assamed to doing it, so u all jst go to hell,


    i think fb is nt much informative site…its rubbish, just shit… should be banned in whole world….atleast in all Islamic countries..!!

    very positive action takeb bye LHC..PAKISTAN to banned this bloody web site..



  • noman

    i want facebook on in my pc and i want link ???????

  • noman

    yea u r r8… v cn eaisily surviv wdout fb….i dy vil nt del dat pagz v vl nt uz fb….
    m vd da govt……… dy shd also ban proxy site…y dat site iz givng access 2 fb….
    i want proxy banned………..!!!!!!!!!!

  • hamza

    Yes We Can Live Without Facebook,We Don’t Want facebook.bcoz v r Muslims &it is opposite of our religion.facebook,bye for ever.

  • Muhammad Adil

    Naria Takbeer….Allah Akber…….we all muslimz HATE facebook……

  • Akbar

    There is this story that we use to read and learn in our primary education about this lady that use to throw rubbish and trash on our beloved Prophet (PBUH) but Prophet didn't use to show any hard feeling and yet He would pass by the same route everyday. Then one day when no trash or rubbish was thrown at Him he went to find out about the lady and seeing her sick He looked after her until she was completely well and seeing this she embraced Islam.

    Now my question is what do we learn from this or was this just a story for us?

    The other question I wanted to ask his if Prophet (PBUH) would have been present in today's world how would had he responded to this situation?

    Facebook is a virtual community a society if someone a single person or a group of people within a society does something wrong you don't ban the society or community you rase your concerns about the person who has done unacceptable that does not mean the entire society is bad. I was in Australia for 3 months and I wonder when this competition started why didn't anybody raised their concerns then why only when the deadline came nearer? I was following it when I was in Australia but when I reached Pakistan I was unable to open that page because Facebook had already blocked that page for people from Islamic countries then why all this?

    I guess I have said enough not anymore. To my opinion this was more of a political move then a religious because there was alot of anti government blogs and posts were online and government had to block that so they found this as an escape goat and our poor people of Pakistan being religiously emotional and without thinking started supporting the government. I seriously have pity over our people.

    Thank you for baring with me.

    • Witz

      Dude people from Pakistan and muslims overall are very sensitive about a few things and this is one of them. Facebook disallows the creation of any pages that are against its policy and this particular page definitely is in breach of their policy but they do not ban it. I think it justifies the Government's decision to ban the site. Porn/Indian movies etc etc yes they all should be banned!. By watching Indian cinema we indirectly support their government and may be this money is used to finance the offensives in Kashmir and on Anti Pakistani propagandas. I think people should also protest over free availability of porn as it is destroying our younger generation. There should also be limitations on our private media as i have been noticing that it has been becoming increasingly liberal in the field of entertainment. Where as in news they portray Pakistan worst than Africa to scare away any investments or tourism they seem to be clearly working against nations interest. I Deactivated my Facebook account way before it was banned. I have no intentions of using it ever again to maintain social contacts. But what i have been doing instead is i have been commenting and disseminating knowledge about my religion on different blocks mostly administered by westerns/Atheists/Christians. Since i consider it a responsibility to explain to the people over there the reasons for our protest. I dont think protesting in the streets against facebook or fighting and swearing on our own blogs will help anyone! They have been utilizing Internet as a source to make fun of islam but i think it has made a hell lot easier for muslims to conduct Jihad/Tableegh. Kalam ka Jihad is the easiest thing one can do on de internet. You can do things that people in the past had to walk and travel miles for! Please put in your energy into something positive.. go to anti islamic blogs tell them about islam. qoute them your sources , explain them your point. admit the mistakes of muslims and tell them theirs. !

  • danish


    we don't need any facebook which insults our religion!!!

    we have made our own facebook!!!

    guyzzz fuck that bloody facebook!!!

    and lets join our very own pakistan's facebook!!!!!

    so join and enjoy chatting to ur close ones!!!

  • ali

    well we wont open facebook till when ? i mean if Pakistan blocked facebook ..WHY ? Pakistan dont get that if we start blocking stuff like that we will be empty . wht i mean here is there shuld be a better site a pakistani shuld make so we dont give a heck about facebook or many other sites .. and we know we can do better so y not ?

    • Ali

      Wel. in my opinion, Government of Pakistan tuk right decision 2 ban the desired wedsite. I simply wna 2 ask from our paki government that y shud they not caught those ppl who r causing the whole situation, mean being a muslim it is our duty as wel as to our Govt. that we will cut overself infornt of AZAR-E-Rasool (PBUH), PLzzzzzzzzz. some of us stand and kill that ppl. who r trying 2 sperate us from islam. plzzzzz. hang up that infront of media so that every non muslim shud realize that GUSTAKH-E-RASOOL ki ka saza hota ha, thanks. Paki Government plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz woke up and accept ds reality.

  • Paki Lund

    Paki's are the best. We dont need India to screw our country, we are well capable of doing it ourselves. We have enough fundamendalists and are proud that most of them are educated :-). Look at the blog here and you will get a good idea, as to what i am talking about yaar.

  • Mustafa Arain

    i dun understand wats with ppl……….facebook just made a joke out of our prophet (p.b.u.h)……..nd u want to lift the ban?………..u r morons then….how r we supposed to stay in one room of a hotel with tall buildin when another room is holdin a conference to disrespect our praised prophet??……..those who think tht ban on facebuk was mistake r RETARDS……..comon guys…….facebuk was a website…….10000s of websites can be made like facebuk………(for example twitter and myspace)……comon guys STOP SUPPORTING FACEBOOK!! and JEWISH PROPAGANDA

  • Randy

    n yeah…! if u all anti-fb r this much eager…so first n foremost learn how to talk…how to be a muslim…n yeah…b modest./..all so-called muslim! can anyone please tell which was the last pray u offered??is it juz Jumma tul mubarak…isnt is??

  • i want to use facebook…….

  • awais

    my topic is what is life? what do u think about it? one day i died then …. . do u like your life? if yap so y? give me reasons ? comments? suggestions ?

  • mahrush khan

    ye hmesha k liy bnd ho rha ?