Hide Google Buzz Update Count and Icon in Gmail

Last night, we told you how to hide the email updates from Google Buzz, however if you want to further sanitize your Gmail account and get rid of the Buzz updates, the best way is to treat it like just another label.

Unfortunately, Gmail does not provide users with an option to hide the Buzz label, or hide the updates in them. If you are one of the annoyed users who do not want to see updates and the cute icon in your Gmail sidebar, the Hide counter is the best way out.

Google Buzz Counter and Icon After Hiding Google Buzz Counter and Icon

Google Buzz Hide Count is a script which will hide the Google Buzz update counter and the Buzz icon in your Gmail account. I tested the script in both Firefox and without issues. So if you have been waiting to get rid of all the buzz, go ahead and download the Google Buzz Count Hide userscript.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • nate

    you know there is a link at the bottom middle of the gmail page that says "turn off buzz" right next to "turn off chat"

    • @nate – Thanks, I completely missed it

      • Personally, I am fine with getting buzz in my inbox when it's targetted at me, but don't care about a count of random posts that don't have any use for me. So I wish there were a way in gmail to do the equivalent of the greasemonkey script.

  • Google/Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo should just team up so that they can just take the lead away from Facebook, or at least put up a fight.

  • ariz

    you can just hide the entire label too from Settings>labels