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In the past we have covered several custom Google Send To buttons for , however one of our readers recently asked us that he wanted to create a custom Google Reader Send to button to send a article to the URL shortening service from StumbleUpon.


The benefits of sending a link to is that you get custom analytics and more. You can find out all about it in our review.

Here is a tutorial on how you can add a custom Google Reader send to button for, if you are new to adding custom buttons read our earlier tutorial on adding custom send to buttons to Google Reader.

Creating Link To Submit To API

We will be using the API provided by, the first thing is to get the URL that will allow you to use the API to submit content to it, you will find the basic URL below. World!;[]=twitter&services;[]=facebook&login=yourusername&apiKey=yourapikey

Now taking this as the base URL, we replace the required things and create the URL we will use in Google Reader.${title} ${url}&services;[]=twitter&services;[]=facebook&login=yourusername&apiKey=yourapikey

The text that we have marked in bold green is the services will post the URL too, if you do not want to post to or please remove this from the URL.

The text marked in red should be replaced with your own username and API key which you will find under the settings in your account (direct link).

Creating Custom Google Reader Send To Button for

Once you have created the URL we require for submitting a link to using a custom button, head to the settings page in Google Reader and go to the Send To and create a custom link (follow this tutorial if you don’t know how to).

Here are the parameters you will require;

URL: The One we created above
Icon URL:

Once you have added the params click on save button.

Submitting Content To From Google Reader

Sending link to is the same, use the send to menu to send links to


However the response you may see might be weird, but don’t worry if you created the right URL the content will be submitted to, you can confirm that by visiting your account.

Hope this helps all you lovers who want better stats and use Google Reader to share content using the Send To button.

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