View NSFW and Blocked Websites with Google Mobilizer

google-icon Last night, something strange happened. Somehow I ended up in a mobile version of my Gmail account while using a regular PC. I don’t recall how it happened exactly, but I noticed that whenever I clicked an outgoing link, the link began with a Google URL. Here’s what it looked like. [website address]

When I viewed sites that began with this Google address, I noticed that most of the advertising was stripped away and even the images were being served by Google. In other words, I could be viewing images at any site, but my browser thought the images were coming from Google. That could be useful for people who are at a business or school which blocks certain web sites.

I did some research and found out that this service was called Google Mobilizer. Google Mobilizer was designed to make it easier to read websites on small screened mobile devices. Here’s the address and a glimpse of what the page looks like.

( )


As you can see, it has a place for you to enter a web address and a place to do a Google search. Using either box will keep the resulting page in mobile mode. Even after you are on other sites, most of the links will still keep you in mobile mode.

I did notice that many websites simply will not work correctly in mobile view. Any site that requires Javascript or Adobe Flash may not work correctly. For instance, neither MSN Hotmail, nor Youtube worked for me in this mode. However, most blog sites worked just fine, and most Google services seemed to recognize it automatically and adapt. Here’s what Techie Buzz looks like when mobilized.


Despite the fact that Mobilizer was designed for small screens, this service might be useful for getting past workplace and school firewalls. Just keep in mind that it’s not going to work at all websites. It’s also not going to hide the addresses you visit from any monitoring services that your work or school have running.

Website Google Mobilizer

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