How To Install and Uninstall Extensions In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome now supports the addition of extensions in the development channel, though there are not many extensions available right now, the few that are there are worthwhile using.

So how do you install and uninstall extensions in Google Chrome? The process is pretty simple, here is a step by step guide that will teach you to install and uninstall extensions in Google Chrome.

How To Install Extensions In Google Chrome?

To install extensions in Google Chrome, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Edit the current shortcut you use to open Google chrome by right clicking it and selecting properties from the available options.


Step 2: In the new window that opens up, navigate to the Shortcut tab and add enable-extensions to the end of the line preceded by a space in the target box, as shown in the screenshot above.

Step 3: Click Ok to close the properties window.

Step 4: Close all open chrome windows and re-launch the application by double-clicking on the shortcut.

Browse the Google Chrome extensions list to find a extension you can use.

How To Uninstall Google Chrome Extensions?

To uninstall an extension, you need to delete its folder and restart Chrome. The extensions that you download from this page are stored under the profile folder.
Find your Google Chrome profile folder. It’s the directory named Default that’s in your user data directory.

Step 1: Go to the Extensions folder under your profile folder. You’ll see a bunch of folders with names like 7868865ecc233b0400abe5d38d88355c03c4bb1a.

Step 2: Figure out which folder corresponds to the extension you want to uninstall. You can usually tell by looking at the names of the files under the folder. For example, the BuildBot Monitor has the file 7868865ecc233b0400abe5d38d88355c03c4bb1a\0.1\buildbot.html.

Step 3: Delete the folder.

Step 4: Restart Chrome.

Hope this guide helps you play around with the new features in Google Chrome.

11 thoughts on “How To Install and Uninstall Extensions In Google Chrome?”

  1. I am trying to do this, but I get an error indication, stating the following….The name 'E:Documents and SettingsJacquesLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exex -enable-extentions' specified in the Target Box is not valid. Make sure the path and the file name are correct….any ideas on how to fix this folks?

  2. I didnt know this method, I think this is for older versions of Chrome right, anyway I found “Extensions” feature with latest Chrome

  3. Do you know if we can install an extension silently? I mean if user clicking on a button, then the extension will be downloaded and installed to their machine?

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