Get Unique Domain Names For Your Blog With Wordroid

Searching for domain names is really exhaustive for anybody. It’s difficult to get an unique name for your blog which is both type-friendly and creative enough. It is also important to know the uniqueness of your   domain name on the web. We had recently reviewed two tools that would help you to search for domain names quickly and also help you to compare the prices of the domain name you have chose in different sites.

Here is a yet another tool that helps you get creative names for your blog – Wordroid.

Wordroid is a tool that hybridizes the words that sound fun, creative and smart. As you can see, it’s own domain name is hybridized from two other words, “Word” and “Android”. Likewise, this tool helps you get the hybrid words for your domain name.

It has four languages that you can choose from. (English, Spanish, French and Italian). It also has a option to enter the keyword that you want to put in your domain names. For example, if you are searching for a domain related to technology, and want your domain name with a keyword “tech”, then you need to type in the space provided as shown in the picture below.

An important and good feature of this domain name searching tool is, it shows you whether that domain name is available or not. If available in which extension it is available, like .net etc.

Another interesting and unique feature is that it shows you the uniqueness of the name. It tells you how many times a particular word has been repeated. You can see the pic below for more clear understanding.

Now, that you have learned about this tool, be sure to use it and also share your experience with us of using this tool. You are always welcome to comment here on Techie-Buzz.

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