Get SMS Reminders for your tasks

There have been many a times when I forgotten to carry out tasks I was supposed to do just because I plain forgot them. I do write them down but sometimes those notes get neglected too. Tasks as simple as calling someone on a specific day or your doctors appointment can be forgotten quite easily.

To overcome this I use a simple method so that I can get a SMS message a couple of hours before I am supposed to do something. You do not require to pay anything except if your cell phone provider charges you for incoming SMS messages.

Ok before I start the explanation, here are the tools you require for getting SMS Reminders of your tasks on your cell phone. First a cell phone itself and the second tool is a Google Calendar account.

Google Calendar is a very popular Calendar tool that allows you to add events and manage them online. Google Calendar also has a nice little feature that sends you a SMS reminder before the event is to occur. Using this feature you can get SMS Reminders for all your tasks and never forget another appointment again :-).

Here are the instructions on how you can setup SMS reminders for your tasks.

1. Create and setup Google Calendar

If you do not already have a Google Calendar account, you can sign for one at sms alerts, sms reminders, google calendar, task alerts, reminders