How To Get Back Old Gmail Theme

*See updates at bottom to find more ways to restore Gmail Interface

Google recently rolled out a new interface for   to all it’s users. The interface is in line with most of the design changes that have been brought about by Google. It all started when they decided to add a Bing link background to their homepage and continued with a slew of other changes including removing the I am feeling Luckybutton, using a new design for search results and yet more, simplifying the image search results, adding top references to results and more.

However, not many people are actually liking the design and unlike earlier the options to switch back to old Gmail have changed. If you have switched to the new Gmail theme, you can easily switch back to the older theme temporarily.

Revert Gmail Theme

To revert back to the Old Gmail look, click on the “Settings” icon and then select the option to “Revert to old look temporarily”.

Once you do that, Gmail will revert back to the old interface. I am not sure as to how long the older interface will be available before users are forced to switch to the new Gmail interface. However, as always someone might come up with user scripts or which will allow users to go back to the old Gmail interface.

We will update the post with user scripts and extensions to switch back to the old Google interface as we come across them.

Update: 04/20/2012: Check out a new way to restore Old Gmail Interface using a Stylish script.

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  • niloofar

    dear helper,thanks in advance,i can not come back to olg gmail,beacuse there is not the ithem”revert to the look old temporarily ”
    there was befor ,but now there is not,so i cannot back to to the old gmail.please help me,beacuse realy need that
    thanks once again

  • I’m very frustrated and after using all advise I’m disillusioned, I’m thinking in packing the g-mail in and settle for something less complicated. I give you 1 week to settle this than I’ll make my move.I had IT!

  • Angela Field

    Chrome is not an option as it does not work with any of my work related application that I have on my PC. I have XP and new gmail is not working at all. Horrible new look, cannot find old messages, treads do not move forward or backward, cannot read old messages in the same conversation, color scheme sucks, will be moving to yahoo