How To Get Back Old Gmail Theme

*See updates at bottom to find more ways to restore Gmail Interface

Google recently rolled out a new interface for   to all it’s users. The interface is in line with most of the design changes that have been brought about by Google. It all started when they decided to add a Bing link background to their homepage and continued with a slew of other changes including removing the I am feeling Luckybutton, using a new design for search results and yet more, simplifying the image search results, adding top references to results and more.

However, not many people are actually liking the design and unlike earlier the options to switch back to old Gmail have changed. If you have switched to the new Gmail theme, you can easily switch back to the older theme temporarily.

Revert Gmail Theme

To revert back to the Old Gmail look, click on the “Settings” icon and then select the option to “Revert to old look temporarily”.

Once you do that, Gmail will revert back to the old interface. I am not sure as to how long the older interface will be available before users are forced to switch to the new Gmail interface. However, as always someone might come up with user scripts or which will allow users to go back to the old Gmail interface.

We will update the post with user scripts and extensions to switch back to the old Google interface as we come across them.

Update: 04/20/2012: Check out a new way to restore Old Gmail Interface using a Stylish script.

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  • Julien

    Hi there and thanks for the post!
    However, weird thing in my email, I can’t even switch to the old interface again, and cannot change the display type… For a widespread email system, I don’t find this is a good thing.

  • sidd

    Thank you

  • Teresa Boudreau

    How can I revert to the old gmail
    I did as you said: first settings and then

  • duvi

    thanks a million i don’t have the right minute to thank you with

  • duvi

    thank you

  • asif

    i cant see anything in my new gmail page. so i open in htlm ….. i want my old gmail plz.

  • nejad

    Dude…gmail changed to the new theme without my permission. the new theme sucks and your method doesnt work. i dont find any option to ‘revert temporarily to the old theme’.

  • MIshi

    The example is not relevant to my gmail. FYI. There is nothing that looks like it and there is no option in either account settings or mail settings (the only two setting optional) available. Please let us know if there are any new updates. Thanks for your efforts.

    • @Mishi – Gmail still shows me that option to switch back to the old theme

  • Dennis

    I’ve read the same thing on the Internet but Google has removed this option. All the little gear has now are two options; mail settings and mail help. Now what?

    • Sarah

      I was stumped by this for awhile too. It’s because there are two settings button. The one you want is probably off screen to the right. So scroll over to the right and you’ll find the right one. It’s not the one at the top like before.

  • Rajesh K

    This worked for me.. Hope it works for you: 1. First switch to the basic view, after signing in go to this link 2. Click the link Basic HTML view as below “developed a basic HTML view of our service” 3. Your inbox will switch to Basic HTML view.. which will not have lot of facilities.. don’t worry 4. There you will see an option “You are currently viewing Gmail in basic HTML. Switch to standard view | Set basic HTML as default view” 5. Select Switch to Standard view.. your old loved one.. the old standard multicolor view will come.. 6. There will be options and popups to switch to the new view.. and they will say its just temporary.. Enjoy it until the “Dictatorship” is unleashed. Enjoy the old standard view.. Long live the “old standard view”. Regards

  • D

    I don’t like the “new look” on gmail. It has way too many glitches, the colors are migraine infusingly blinding, more difficult to use when processing and computing hundreds of emails at the same time for employment purposes. Shifting through the 300 emails a day only took me an hour on the old look, now due to the ever so hated approximently 50 emails at a time verses a hundred per page it put my work TWICE as hard, TWICE as long. Now I have yet to find THIS MONTHS invoice for my job in this horrific uggliness that people whom more than likely are not true technical writers. A true technical writer knows efficiency, speed, design are the top things, not color blinding or slow speed.

  • Sam

    Thanks lot :)))))))))))

  • Pete

    There are two “gears”, one small in upper right and one larger just below when reading mail. Click the larger one to change back “temporarily”.
    My problem with the new is two-fold: In the new gmail anything printed out is in monster type. Can’t fix it without making the regular view WAY TOO TINY.
    That’s using Chrome as the browser.
    2: Using IE8 as the browser, printing is okay but an e-mail page takes TWENTY-FIVE SECONDS to scroll even one line.
    They need to move this out of BETA before they issue it. It is an insult to all otherwise faithful users.

  • helen

    hi thanks for the instruction I looked for that several times I didn’t realize there were 2 settings buttons and they had different preferences on them
    I like the old mail because of the page theme I was using it showed the sunset and sunrise the dark night and a bright day I live near the ocean and I loved it now I look at a dry dull page hate it

  • marilyn parker

    I do not wish to have the new site and cannot get back to the old one, which you state one can. Please let me revert back to the old display type. This is not wanted, nor asked for and it was done without the request of the user. Do I have to change in order to get back to a screen I can live with? Please put something on this screen that allows us to revert back to the old gmail screen.

    • @marilyn_parker

      I thought I could not get back to the old settings too, but I found the button that let me change back to the old layout, so I thought I’d help you out.

      It’s the larger star-shaped “GEAR” icon on the right that is situated BELOW the smaller GEAR/SETTINGS icon located on the uppermost right-hand side of your screen. CLICK THE ICON BELOW THE TOP ONE, NOT THE TOP ONE ITSELF,. THE ICON B E L O W IT.

      Once you click the lower GEAR icon, you will see a menu page popup, now simply select “Revert to old layout temporarily,” once you select it, you will get another popup asking if you are “really sure you want to go back to the old layout?,” select “YES” and then it asks if you would like to leave “Feedback” to let Google know why you want to go back to the old layout, ignore that request and click the BLUE BUTTON that pops up, “Revert to Old Settings” and you’re all done! Now your old Gmail will be loaded up! It’s that EASY!

      Just remember, CLICK THE LARGER GEAR ICON located below the TOP GEAR ICON, it may be confusing to find, but its there on your main Gmail homepage.

      Hope that helps! :)

  • Lecia

    Just to say thank you to @marilyn_parker. I am 62 and do not have much knowledge about computers. It was so easy to follow. Thanks to you I now have my old email version back. Heaps Better than the new one. I could not see any of the prints. It was sooooooo bad. Please everyone follow this persons advice.Thanx once again.

  • Since Google is going to force us all to switch at some point, I found it easier to use CSS to revert to a similar old look. Complete instructions here (thanks to user techably):

  • Keith, that option is no longer there? Have they hidden it somewhere? I’m sure I didn’t switch to the new format but I have it on one gmail account & I can’t revert now….

  • nitin

    The revert to Old look option is missing now.. I have to live with this blurry no lines look.. Shitty view.

  • richie

    Thanx bro your procedure helped me but gmail has finally enforced this fake new interface and has disabled the option for reverting to the old interface. Fake gmail. Some one help

    • Amy

      Me too…going to check out the other free emails to see if I can tolerate their interfaces better. I can always import gmail info into them!

  • Josh

    I utterly despise the new look, AND I realized today that it was six days ago that I could use the old layout, and I cannot do that today. I want the old layout back! This newer one doesn’t look or feel right, comparatively. Everything was easily identifiable in the old look; now I have to go actively looking for a command I wish to execute, and it takes awhile, too.

    • Gustavo G

      Indeed, now there’s no option to revert anymore, and I’m stuck on this shitty interface, where I can’t see anything…

  • I hate everything about the new gmail page and I want my old one back. I can’t even find the forward button anymore. I spent 40 minutes trying to find it on the new format. Just stop with all the consumer tracking big brother stuff google and we will all be a lot happier.

  • Roger

    That “revert to ….. temporarily” option is no longer available. Please help! The new interface is full of bugs and sucks.

  • Revert to old look is not displaying when click on that. I also searched in theme but very few themes are displaying. Again its really frustating….

  • Guthrie

    Newsflash, they removed the revert button