Hate The New Facebook Layout? Here Is How You Can Change It

recently rolled out a new design to users, some of them liked it, some did not. In fact even I am one of the people who did not like the new Facebook layout. However, like always there is no official way to go back to cleanup the new design and get a cleaner look for Facebook.

Most of the solutions are accomplished using scripts. Firefox and support the user scripts out of the box, you can learn how to use Greasemonkey scripts in Opera, IE and Safari.

Unfuck Facebook Layout

UnFu*k Facebook – Previously mentioned Unf*ck Facebook is good to go again with the new Facebook layout. Just download the script and install it and you should see a simple Facebook layout as seen in the screenshot above. Download script here.

Undo Facebook – Another userscript which is similar to the earlier one, Undo Facebook will clean up your Facebook profile page and display a much more simpler and cleaner version of the layout. Download script here.

Better Facebook – Cleans up Facebook and removes the right hand side navigation, ads and more. Try out any of the three scripts and choose the one you like. Download script here.

Facebook Old Navbar – This userscript rearranges the top Nav bar to bring some semblance to the old design. It can be used in conjunction with any of the userscript’s above. Download script here.

Replace Profile with Name – Removes the Profile link and replaces it with your name as it was in the older Facebook layout. Download script here.

Note: The above changes will only reflect in your current browser, it will not be available on different browsers or on multiple computers.

Do you know of any other useful userscript that will help get back the older layout on Facebook? Do feel free to share them in the comments.

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  • Thanks Keith!

    Great tools I hope to post on a resource page on our site. Maybe these tools to "correct" or "improve" or even just permit control of FaceBook, will help wean web users from the corporate direct marketing funnel that such services seem to be.



  • bee

    no add-ons?

    • Yeah, no add-ons for some, but I HATE the new Facebook Design, so I downloaded the Better Facebook Toolbar, and it works as if, its never been changed.

  • lulu

    why i install the undofacebook but still no change back?

  • avinash

    i don lik my new facebook layout.. i want my old facebook….

    • Follow these Steps to get OLD FB Back:

      Log into your Facebook Account.
      Click on “Account” (Top Right), Click on “Account Settings”, and under “Deactivate Account” click “deactivate”.
      After your account has been deactivated.
      Log back in after 10 minutes, and you should have the old Facebook.
      So basically, deactivating it for at least 10 minutes can get you your Old facebook back.

    • agnes tee

      how to change back old profile?

  • Natty

    If we get the old one back by deactivating the account,will it remove or do anything with your photos, comments and all those stuff ?? because i’m scared that it will get lost.

  • avidaviv

    I absolutely hate the new facebook layout, I think its a breach of privacy, the way everything is rearanged. I simply dont want my bloody profile pictures, and alist of my freinds flaoting around the sides of the viewing area, and all the other rearangements,i would do anything to get the old facebook layout back. I accidently pressed on the upgrade.

  • jordie cockerell

    What Is The Point In Changin The Facebook It Has Been Changed So Many Times And I Dont Like What It Looks Like Now It Is Stupid……..

  • Daisy

    facebook is really getting silly now i mean my page does not want to show

  • brooklynn

    my chats go to my messages and chats now and i cnt see the times ppl wright on my wall or anything on my phone and i cant upload pics from my phone now

  • holly

    i hate the new layout its crap i cant work it

  • niazi ezhar

    actually i dont like this layout of facebook chat room and some extra option came into it which disturb me alot would u please chage it back???

  • I want to see my name and the game I’m playing what games my friends are playing and how lon they have been playing that game thanks april wren davis and timothy decker and all facebook users.

  • Horrors! The new facebook requires Adobe flash player, which won’t work with Windows Vista 64 bit. WHat can I do?

  • i want to go back to the old layout

  • howwwwwww can get old facebook please tell me.


  • I Really hate this timeline to my profile.. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me the way to disable this to my profile. I Like older profile only.

  • I hate time line why cant we go back the old version of face book.

  • There is no way to get your old facebook back.

  • bebe

    I hate the Timeline in Facebook.
    how to make the old one?

  • The time line sucks! I hate it. I haven’t heard anone say they like it… How can I disable it?

  • hi..is there any way to get the old layout of facebook..otherwise I will definetely deactivate my account:(

  • its horrible to stay with Facebook.

  • I hate timeline.

  • I AS WELL do not.