How To Get Back Old Facebook Chat

Recently, rolled out a new video calling feature in collaboration with Skype. The new feature allowed for one-to-one video chatting with your friends. However, they also rolled out a new  chat sidebar which has been annoying people to no end.

Facebook Video Chat

Facebook has been known to annoy users with newer design changes, and it is no surprise that people are upset with such an attitude. Last time Facebook annoyed users with a new rollout for the image viewer, however, you can easily disable the Facebook Theater mode too.

Earlier last month, Google also annoyed users by changing their homepage design and adding a black bar at the top. You can easily remove the black bar in Google and similarly also revert back to the old Facebook chat.

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In order to get rid of the new Facebook sidebar chat that has been included, you will need to install a script. Just head over to this link and click on the install button. This will install the script and revert Facebook chat to the older version.

The script should work out of the box in and with the Greasemonkey add-on installed. If you are using a browser like , Internet Explorer or Safari you might want to read our earlier guide about a workaround to run Greasemonkey scripts in Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Don’t forget to read our earlier article on how you can make Facebook better in Google Chrome.

Update: You can also use a called Facebook Cool to restore the old Facebook chat. Download the extension from here.

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  • Thanks for this post Keith. I really wanted to know how to remove the crap FB sidebar. Anyways, I suppose there’s a typo in your post title. I think it should have been – How To Get Back Old Facebook Chat.

    • Glad that it helped you and thanks for spotting the typo have corrected it now

  • thanks for this great post.The new chat sidebar is really annoying.I was really searching for a way to revert to the old chat

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  • finally a script that actually works! thanks! it would be perfect if it also would show the different groups like the old chat.. so you can use a little switch right there to appear on or offline for those groups ;)

  • oh ,finally, that was really annoying, i was forced to use and digsby to chat.
    thanks a lot man :D

  • Jack Murphy

    Hey could u help me how 2 remove dat new fb sde bar ??

  • Scott

    Hi, I have got an add on facebook app that put it an old style chat box. I find it doesn’t show any contacts on sometimes now, and im anxious incase I need to change it back. Can you advise me how?

  • I’m using Firefox, and when i click the instal button all the happens is the it reverts me to a page that seems to be just a text document of the actual script.

  • well I’m OK with my new chat box in Facebook because new things is better then old.

  • Sudhar

    Thanks for the great help… You’ve made Fb a better place to be at.. :)

  • I Like new chat , cause i like change , Thank you :)

  • Kameshwar

    I want my face book old chat box.
    i’m using chrome and win 7.

    • Claire

      Hey was wondering if you can tell me how to get the old chat back please? i did have the old one but i got a new computer an it’s gone back to the new one again! grrr thanks

  • clesh ryan

    hi there id all so like to get rid of the crap side bar too as i never know whos really on line how do i get my old page back

  • rex chester untalan


  • pamela

    how do i go back to the old facebook chat

  • There are other ways to bring old facebook chatbox back without using any applications out there.

    Just go to this web source just in case if you are seeking more ways to it.

  • can i reverse this?

  • kash boy

    what about internet explorer ?