Fix "View In iTunes" Link Not Working In Opera

Back in October, I had written a post about fixing an issue with the iTunes store in , where app store links or "View in iTunes" link did not open the iTunes app. The same problem existed in too and many users have been emailing and asking me about how to fix it for Opera.

Open iTunes Link in Opera

So as promised, here is a quick way to fix the "View in iTunes" link not working for the Opera browser, I have borrowed this trick from Pallab’s earlier post on using Google Instant in Opera.

Here are steps to fix this issue:

Change Opera Browser Identification

  1. First of all open any app in iTunes, you could click on this link to open the app in iTunes.
  2. Now right click on an empty spot on the page and select "Edit Site Preferences" from the context menu. Alternatively you could use the hotkey F12 and select it.
  3. Navigate to the "Network" tab and change the "Browser identification" option to "Mask as Firefox" from "Identify as Opera"
  4. Reload the page and you should now see a prompt to Open iTunes.

If the "Mask as " does not work, you can try out the other options available for Browser Identification.

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  • Alejo Becerra Diaz

    Thanks for the tip. It works (Masking as IE, in my case).
    It is sad that the developers did not fix this issue in a year (yes, I know that technically it is not Opera’s fault, but they can integrate this or others workarounds, and refuse to do it).
    It is sadder that I reported this issue in the official forum (talk about closed projects… there is not even a public bug tracker to report or search issues…) and the only response I got was by a “power user” which kindly (no sarcasm, kindly in fact) recommend me to use another browser.
    That was AFTER this post (I didn’t found it before), but no official response nor tip regarding this workaround.