Fix Green Screen in YouTube Videos

I use a lot and it is my go-to website to listen to music and watch interesting videos. However, recently all the YouTube videos I watched just showed me a green screen while the videos were playing. This happened in all the browser including , , and Internet Explorer 9.

YouTube Green Screen in Videos

Due to the Green screen (pictured above) I was unable to watch any videos. However, I was still able to listen to the audio. It turns out that the above problem was with a recent update to Adobe Flash player. If you are seeing a similar problem, here are the steps to fix it.

YouTube Flash Player Settings Flash Player Display Options

Step 1: Right click on the video player and select Settings from the menu options. Once the options page opens, click on the "Display icon".

Disable Hardware Acceleration Flash

Step 2: Uncheck the box next to "Enable hardware acceleration" to disable hardware acceleration for Flash. Once you have done that close the options box and refresh YouTube.

This should help to resolve your issue with the green screen on YouTube. Alternatively, you can also opt-in to YouTube HTML5 player by visiting However, not all YouTube videos are so you might still have to follow the steps listed above to get rid of the Green screen in videos on YouTube.

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  • you Rock Dud.
    That was sweet info u put there.

  • Thank you so much! It fixed even the partial green one I was getting. I thought it was 3D or something but then I put 3D glasses and nothing. I was becoming anoying. Then I thought it was the CPU but now thanks to you I know it isn’t. Again Thank you so much!

  • it freezes there and would let me uncheck it. The popup just stays there… how?

  • it freezes there and would let me uncheck it. The popup just stays there… how?

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    AWESOME. Thanks.

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    wow, didnt think this would work. thanks a bunch mate.

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  • Princess

    When I do that I don’t have the second computer icon with the play symbol in it. Is there another way to do this?

  • nate kelly

    I don’t have that 5th icon plz help!

  • help!

    I DON’T HAVE THE 5TH ICON WHAT DO I DO?!?!?! I have windows 8 would this be why? anyways I wanna fix my computer help plz plz plz I want no more green screen! anyone know how to fix it?

  • K Verdino

    This didn’t work for me either, I do not have the 5th icon. I have Windows 8 and Adobe 11.1. What I ended up doing (quite by accident) was to go into Programs in the Control Panel, right click on Adobe and click on “Change” and it will bring up a screen that asks to repair installation errors. Click next and let it go through the process. It worked for me, no more green screen on You Tube. Good luck.

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    That fixed my Opera browser, youtube video working again, thanks!

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