Should I Change Password

Find if Your Yahoo/Phandroid Account Was Compromised in Recent Hacks

Of late there have been several instances of big websites being hacked and usernames and passwords being leaked into the wild. The most recent cases being that of Yahoo, where 450K email passwords were hacked released on the internet and the popular forum Phandroid.

Should I Change My Password

While it is annoying that you have to change your passwords for no fault of yours, it is definitely necessary to do it and save yourself from further compromise. If you are someone who wants to only change your password if your account was compromised, a previously mentioned service called “Should I Change My Password” will definitely come in handy.

Should I Change My Password will check your email address against a database of compromised email addresses and let you know if your email has been compromised. The service also provides a feature where they can alert you if your email gets compromised in future attacks.

Should I Change Password

Currently the service has a database of 11.78 million compromised email addresses stored in their database, so there is a good chance that you might find your email there.

If you find your email in their database, you might want to change your password immediately. As an advice, don’t use lousy passwords like these. It only takes a few minutes to create strong passwords. If you need help in creating them, check out how to easily create strong passwords or use tools to generate strong passwords.

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