How To Find Out When Google Bot Last Crawled Your Website

Google Bot is a web crawler that crawls your website and indexes content into Google, this information was earlier available to users in Google webmasters tools.

In the recent changes Google made to their webmaster tools this information is no longer available, so how do you find out the last crawl date for a particular website or webpage?

Well it is not that hard, with a simple search you can determine the last Google Bot crawl date and time.

Steps to Find Last Google Bot Crawl Date

Google Search

Step 1: Go to and paste the URL for which you want to find the last crawl date and hit enter.


Step 2: In the search results instead of clicking on the URL itself click on the Cached link.


Step 3: In the cached version of the webpage you will find the time when Google Bot last crawled your website.

Easy right? Alternatively you can bookmark the link so that you don’t have to perform steps 1 and 2 over and over again to find out the Google Bot crawl date.

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  • lee

    hi i have had my blog on word press for a week now but nothing is showing it up in google, aswell as my site has been crawled but nothing has been updated can anyone tell me when google updates its pages thsnka lee

  • Thanks for the tip, Keith. The next important question, apart when when last the Google Bot crawled my website, is when is the next Google PageRank update expected? Their regularpattern seems to have been broken, with two updates in two months, and now we’ve been waiting for three months already, with no update. It should be any day soon, what do you think?

  • Thanks a million Keith! I’ve been looking for this information all over Webmaster tools and did not get a straightforward answer. This information is awesome and straight to the point. Keep it up!

  • Great piece of article…. I was searching for it everywhere… Thanks for the information…

  • Great Read. Thanks for posting!

  • The cache timestamp does seem to be the easiest way to do this.

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