Find When People Unfriend You On Facebook

and are both great social networks to find friends and communicate with them. However, both these networks do not notify users when someone unfollows or unfriends them.

Facebook Unfriend Alert Notifications

Twitter does have several options to know when users unfollow you, however, what about Facebook? How do you figure out when someone unfriends you on Facebook? Turns out there is a way to do that too.

Unfriend Finder for Facebook is a script which tracks your Facebook friends and then notifies you whenever someone decides to unfriend you on Facebook.

Facebook Unfriend Menu Notification

The script tightly integrates within Facebook and sends you notifications whenever someone removes you from your list. It also alerts you when someone ignores your friend request.

The only problem of the script is that it is browser specific and only works on , , Safari and right now. There is no support for Internet Explorer yet, but you can read up some tips on running Greasemonkey scripts in IE.

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9 thoughts on “Find When People Unfriend You On Facebook”

  1. Instead of using greasemonkey scripts, you can also use facebook applications to do the work.
    The drawback comparing to greasemonkey scripts is that FB applications cannot integrate with the Facebook interface, they can only be displayed as a bookmark with a counter on the left side of the FB page.
    But there are many advantages. You don’t need to log on to facebook for the applications to check your friends, so it can notifiy you by mail if someone removes you while you’re away. Applications work on all browsers, and they dont use your computer resources to operate like script do.
    Here’s an example of a good one:

  2. Another way is is a facebook app that monitors changes in your friends list. The first time you go to it it won’t do anything but show you your list of friends. If you come back 2 weeks later it will compare your current list of friends and show you the deleted or added facebook friends. It’s very basic and works.

  3. greasmonkey is one of the most versatile “hack apps” out there,,i still remmber few years ago when they came out with a script that allowed users to find out who blocked u from seeing thier pictures:P

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