Export Facebook Phonebook as CSV File

If you are a user, many of your friends might have phone numbers which they share with you. If you have a large number of friends, copying and pasting them to your external contact list can be quite a pain.

Export Facebook Phonebook is a handy script which will allow you to export all the phone numbers and few other additional details like Name, City, etc from your Facebook account as a CSV file.

The script does not work out of the box as it is for two reasons. First is because Facebook does not use outright URL’s, and instead appends the navigation to the current URL. So in order for this to work, you will have to directly load the phonebook URL. Also the shortcut key assigned for this script Ctrl + Shift + Dis the browser’s bookmark shortcut, which does not get overridden.

Export your Facebook Phonebook as CSV

Step 1: Install the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox if required, and then install the Export Facebook Phonebook Userscript.

Step 2: Login to Facebook and click on this URL to open the Facebook Phonebook page.


Step 3: Go to the Greasemonkey menu and select Export Facebook Phonebookfrom the User Script Commands sub-menu. Clicking on this should update the current page in rapid succession, however, that is the script scraping the phonebook from Facebook.

Step 4: Once all the Phonebook entries have been imported, you will see an option to download the the contents as a CSV file. The full CSV file contains the following details:

Name,City,State,Phone #,Network / Other Info,Contact Result,Notes / Next Step,Who Calls,Month to call back,Year,Who’s List

Techie Buzz Verdict

We have tested and found that this script works without any problems, however, this might not be valid according to Facebook TOS. The export process is pretty fast and you might consider using this if you have a large number of contacts whose phone numbers you want to export and use externally.

There is a slight problem with the URL which is tracked by the script and the problem that the shortcut which does not work, because of which it will not work out of the box in . However, you can modify the line below to change the dto something else as the shortcut key.

GM_registerMenuCommand("Export Facebook Phonebook", doExport, "d", "control shift","f");

Ratings: 2.5/5 (Good)

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  • I really appreciate you providing this information. I followed your instructions and now have an excel file with my Facebook contacts most recent phone numbers that I can upload and integrate into my Outlook contacts.

    A couple of questions that I hope you can help with:

    (1) Many of my contacts have TWO phone numbers in their profiles (often Work & Mobile). How could I modify the script to scrape both numbers?

    (2) Remembering people's birthdays and sending them an old-fashioned greeting card in the mail is an essential part of my business. Is there a way to extract the BIRTHDAY field from Facebook?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Pat

      Philip, I don't know to pull both phone numbers off of FB. However, to do your second task, you can use the Friends to csv application on FB to pull birthday, gender and some other information: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=3….

      Then merge that list and the phone number list by name in excel or a database program to have all the information stored in one place.

  • Moe

    Why is the download a .part file and not .csv ? I restarted firefox numerous times but it keeps downloading the file as a .part

    • rudy

      just change the .part to .csv
      worked for me

  • Andy

    I tried this, and Firefox keeps crashing halfway through it.
    don't flame me for not knowing it, i'm not a very techie person so…

  • Leiha

    Hey, I keep getting the error "Didn't find phonebook right for: null" when I follow these instructions. Am I doing something wrong?



    • Skillet

      I’m getting this, too.. Haven’t been able to find any address to this issue.
      Bumping this post for help.


  • Deep

    Hi, I tried this a lot of times but a .part file being downloaded all the time and the file size increases each time. What should I do? Please help…

  • supernaut

    Hi! i tried it but i keep getting this error: failed to find the div. can’t determine paging number of friends

    Please help.

    • ezaz

      i get the same error. any updates?

      • Sid

        I am getting the same erroe :(

  • dhanush

    it was a good mystrey