Encrypt and Password Protect Your Notes in Evernote

I have come to love Evernote as a note-taking and idea collecting software. I have used it extensively for the past couple of years or more to store bits and pieces of information that has come in handy all through these years.


I always had a problem with storing sensitive information in Evernote, because of the lack of security/password protection in the app. For example, if you login to the Evernote app and leave it open, anyone who has access to your PC or mobile device can view the notes and get access to your sensitive information.

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In fact, anyone who has access to the local database storage file on your PC will be able to view those notes on another PC or installation. This is a scary proposition considering how much losing sensitive information could affect you.

Luckily, Evernote provides users with a very handy feature that allows them to encrypt part of their notes. Users can use it to encrypt sensitive text in their notes (It only works with text). To encrypt your notes in Evernote, follow the steps given below.

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  • palusami

    thank you for this. had no idea this existed. next best thing to having encryption for notebooks or some of the other methods you mentioned. thanks again!

  • hmm

    I wouldn’t call this a great thing at all. I have a note where I type in passwords that Chrome can’t store (for secure sites) that I don’t care to remember. There is no way in Evernote to have an entire note password-protected, and that’s a big bummer for me. So now I have scattered text of the actual passwords or security question answers protected and hidden from view, but when I select all and change font or text size, for example, the password-protected text does not change. And other annoyances… Like how do I change that password?

  • TRB

    I find it very frustrating that Evernote doesn’t allow you to password protect a notebook. I travel a lot and would like to store passport, medical, credit card, information in Evernote. However it would be unsecure.

    Evernote, thousands of people have had to have made a request for password protection. Please listen to us.

    You can encrypt the text of an individual note. However you cannot encrypt an image, like of a credit card. Evernote, please allow us to encrypt images as well as notes.

  • I love that they have that feature, but would much more prefer to have a whole notebook(sans title) encrypted.
    I keep all my work notes in EN and access them frequently on my android but it’s too easy to get around android passwords(you can youtube how to do that sort of stuff!) not to mention it takes forever to unlock with any password. :(

    I don’t like locking up EN in its entirety because I’m ALWAYS using it too! I’d feel so much more comfy with just my work and financial folders encrypted!

  • A. Howard

    Evernote did not give me this option. Is this only for the paid version of Evernote?

    • @Howard – This option is available in free version of Evernote as well, can you try upgrading Evernote to the latest version and trying again?

  • Alex

    It worked in desktop version of Evernote.
    However, in web-based Evernote application I can see the “encrypted” text just fine, without any password to be entered. It also seems to have to way to encrypt text when using web based interface.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    • @bce7cd0297d9fce045919f259bcde48e:disqus I checked again and the web version as well as the mobile version both display the notes encrypted to me. Also, I need to enter the password before I can open them