How To Enable Direct Downloads For RapidShare Premium

RapidShare, one of the largest online file sharing service has recently made several changes, one of the most annoying one though was that they have now disable direct file downloads for RapidShare Premium accounts.

Rapidshare Logo

This means that, even if you are a Rapidshare premium account user, you will have to click at-least 3 buttons/links  before your actual download begins. If you are one of the users who is angry about this, here is a way in which you can enable direct downloads for Rapidshare premium accounts.

Step 1: Login to Rapidshare Premium

Step 2: Click the "+" symbol next to "Settings" on the landing page after your login.

Enable Rapidshare Direct Downloads

Step 3: Click on the checkbox next to "Direct downloads, requested files are saved without redirection via RapidShare"

Step 4: Save the settings. You should now be able to directly download files without having to go through multiple clicks. Enjoy.

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