How To Duplicate Session In Google Chrome?

There may be times when you want to duplicate your current session and reuse it in another tab or window.

provides you with a quick and easy way to duplicate session across tabs. Duplicate sessions preserve navigation history along with cookies making it easier to easily go back or forward in the session.


To duplicate session in Google Chrome just right click on the tab that you want to duplicate and click on Duplicate from the menu, once you click on Duplicate it will open a new tab that will be a duplicate of your current session.

One thought on “How To Duplicate Session In Google Chrome?”

  1. The simplicity of Google Chrome is what makes it my 1st choice of web browser when doing social and random browsing. When I have to do work FF is still my preferred weapon, due to all the plugins I am running. Speed suffers as a result, although the latest FF update has helped a little bit.

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