How To Hide Facebook Timeline? Use IE7

recently rolled out the Facebook Timeline to all users. Unfortunately, it does not have any option for users to disable it making several users angry about the fact.

Facebook Timeline

Now there are several scripts and User styles which will allow you to disable the Facebook Timeline. However, most of them require you to perform several actions before you can get back to your old profile. Also, the same solution won’t work for all the browser. So, if you are looking for a simple solution to disable Facebook Timeline with minimal efforts, here is what you can do.

Please note: This trick will only disable Facebook Timeline for yourself. It will not hide your Facebook Timeline from your friends and they will still be able to view it.

The Easiest Solution – Use Internet Explorer 7. Facebook Timeline is not supported on IE7 and probably won’t be in the future too. If you don’t want to browse your profile or your friends profile with Facebook Timeline, just use Internet Explorer 7.

If you use browsers like , or you can still mimic your browser string as Internet Explorer 7 and fool Facebook into believing that you are using IE7 thus disabling or removing the Facebook Timeline for you. You can use the following , and tricks to fool Facebook.

For all purposes below, the user agent string for IE7 is given below:

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0;)

Firefox Users – Install the User Agent Switcher add-on and follow the instructions given at this link to add a new IE7 user agent to the add-on and then use the user agent while browsing Facebook.

Google Chrome Users – Create a new shortcut for Google Chrome and name it Facebook or something. Once you have done that, edit the shortcut and add -user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0;)" to it. Once you have done that, use the shortcut while you are browsing Facebook and the timeline will be disabled. (Find Instructions for creating and editing the Chrome shortcut)

Safari Users – Enable Develop mode in Safari by going to Preference -> Advanced and selecting the check box next to "Show Develop menu in menu bar". Once you have done that, select the "User Agent" sub-menu from the Develop menu and select "Internet Explorer 7.0" from the available options.

Internet Explorer Users – If you are using IE7, you don’t need to do anything. If not, you can make use of an IE Add-on called UA Pick. Instructions on changing your user-agent in IE at this link.

Opera users have it a little bit tougher since you will have to modify Opera configuration data so I will leave it out for now and will add that information as a separate post later on and link it from here. In the meantime, you can always use one of the browsers mentioned above.

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