Disable Pages From Auto Refreshing In Internet Explorer

One of the most annoying things that we have come across while browsing media sites is that they keep auto refreshing the pages every few minutes, though this is done to update the page for fresh news, on a limited bandwidth network it can eat up a lot of bandwidth if you have pages opened up a webpage and left it unattended.

If you are annoyed by the auto refreshing of pages, here is a simple trick to disable them in Internet Explorer, we will also be covering other browsers soon, so look out for posts to disable auto-refresh for your favorite browsers.

To disable auto-refresh or meta refresh as it is called in Internet explorer follow the simple steps listed below.

Step 1: In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options and click on the security tab.

Step 2: In the security tab click on the Custom level button towards the bottom.


Step 3: In the security settings window, scroll down till you come across the Miscellaneous group and select disable in Allow META REFRESH option and click on Ok.

That’s it the auto-refreshing of the page won’t happen once you make this change.

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