How To Disable Facebook New Photo Theatre Viewer

recently rolled out a new Photo viewer which provided users with a theatre like view for viewing photo albums. Though the new Theatre view for Facebook works well, it is definitely not liked by everyone.

Facebook Photo Theatre View

So what if you don’t want to view photos using the new Facebook Theatre view? Well, you cannot disable it directly using Facebook but you could use a userscript for and to disable the theatre view in Facebook.

The "Facebook Photo Theater Killer" userscript kills the annoying new photo theater on Facebook and allows you to browse the photos the old way. This script works on Google Chrome and Firefox only for now.

So go ahead and install the script to get rid of the new annoyance created by Facebook. Thanks Binoy.

Update: If you use Google Chrome, you can also use these extensions to disable the new Facebook photo viewer.

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  • You can also just remove “&theater” from the URL and it will change to the old view.

  • Hii.. I made a google chrome plugin which can remove the theater view from facebook. Install the extension from here. .. install and or bug reports appreciated :)

  • sudhan from callezee

    thank you giving such an wonderful information that clears my doubt about it.

  • Lee Cronin

    Someone just informed me pressing CTRL + R will do this too.. Worked for me in Chrome.

    • Khan

      It works in Firefox as well !

  • 88blaire**

    try pressing “F5″.

  • matt

    an extension called “Better Facebook” works too…and it does several other things too…including having a feature that shows if someone unfriends you

  • nice post. Greasemonkey scripts always helps to easy