Disable Windows From Restarting After Automatic Updates

We always advised our readers to activate Automatic updates in Windows as it will allow you to keep your PC safe and secure with the latest patches Windows releases.


However one of the most annoying things about Windows Update is that it automatically restarts the PC after a certain time. It does provide you with an option to delay the reboot, but if you are not near the PC it will force restart and you may lose unsaved data and open applications.

In order to stop Windows Update from automatically restarting/rebooting your PC, follow the simple steps given below.

Note: You will have administrative privileges to perform the actions below. Also the steps below will only temporarily disable the automatic restart, it may still show you the restart dialog though.

How to Stop Windows Update from Automatically Restarting PC

Step 1: Press Windows + R key and type in cmd. Press enter and a new command prompt will open up.

Step 2: In the command window, just type in net stop windows updatewith the quotes. This should stop Windows from automatically restarting.

Additionally if you do not want to follow the steps above, you can also download a software called Leave me Alone which will allow you to disable automatic reboots without changing any additional settings.

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  • In addition, this command would also work:

    sc stop wuauserv

    Plus, these commands can be entered within the RUN box itself, no need to open up a CMD window prior to entering either command.

    • vaibhav

      It works with command directly written in run box.

  • You know what, Keith? I’ve been having the problem since a few years ago. In order to overcome the matter, I’ve searching all over the internet. Honestly, I didn’t know it’s the solution for the problem, how silly I am! No matter what, I’m going to try it out right now and hope it solve up the matter permanently!

  • This is very useful – thanks! I have always found this very annoying.