Disable Auto Complete Email Address While Composing Mails

Many users use Outlook and other desktop clients to send and receive corporate or personal emails which is a really convenient way of sending and receiving emails. Most of the desktop clients provide you with a feature to auto complete the email address as you type it in the To, CC or BCC fields. This is a very good feature but can easily turn out to be the most dangerous one too.

Recently in my company there was a internal mail which was supposed to be sent to the top and middle management. The person who sent this mail had company clients email address in his contacts and one of the names was similar to that of my colleague. The person in question used the auto complete feature to type in the email address.

By mistake instead of typing my colleagues email he typed in the client’s email, this email went to the client fortunately the email was about a weekly meeting to be held that Friday. It could have been much more worse if the email in question would have contained critical information.

You can see how one of the best features could turn out to be one of the most dangerous one too. In order to overcome this situation we will look at how to disable the auto complete email address feature in most of the popular email clients. In addition we will also look disabling the feature in Yahoo Mail.

Disabling Auto Complete in Outlook 2003 / Outlook 2007

1. Go to Tools -> Options and click on Email Options, this should open up a new window.

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