Block/Disable Ads In Gmail With A Simple Signature Hack [Hacks & Mods]

is a really great email service, what with so many features making it one of the best online email service.

However there are several ads displayed when you open a email in Gmail, this can get a bit annoying, however according to a excellent tip from Lifehacker, you can now disable ads in Gmail by using a simple signature.

We tested it out as you can see from the image below and it works like a charm.


The trick involves adding a simple sentence as your signature and bam no more ads in Gmail, the sentence you need to add as your signature is;

I enjoy the massacre of ads. This sentence will slaughter ads without a messy bloodbath.

Copy it and go to settings and add it to your signature to disable ads in Gmail sidebar.

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6 thoughts on “Block/Disable Ads In Gmail With A Simple Signature Hack [Hacks & Mods]”

  1. Gmail/Google does not show ads if in the mail something like ‘death’ ‘accident’ is mentioned to keep commercials aside from the person who is going to get the sad news!
    DON’T TRY THE TRICK MENTIONED IN THIS POST. Respect Gmail’s decision.
    Have you ever heard of Adbloker or Greasemonkey scripsts?

  2. The irony – an article about getting rid of annoying adverts on a website littered with annoying adverts, classic!! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Unfortunately they figured this out and it no longer works…most likely because it was posted online for everyone to read.

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