Delete Windows Vista SP2 Files To Freeup Disk Space

service pack 2 had been released and been pushed to most of the users now, it has been pretty stable as we have seen it, however it does use up a lot of disk space to store the old files just in case you want to do a rollback or uninstall the SP2.

Just like how we had told you how to free disk space by making Windows Vista SP1 permanent, here is another tip on gaining some disk space by making Windows Vista SP2 permanent.

In the windows run box, invoked by typing Windows + R (more windows hotkeys)key simultaneously, type in compcln.exewithout the quotes.


This should open up a command prompt that should look like the screenshot above, just type Ywithout the quotes and hit enter, this should delete all the files that were created as backups by Windows Vista SP2 some disk space for you.  Thanks Kishan.

3 thoughts on “Delete Windows Vista SP2 Files To Freeup Disk Space”

  1. How much space it will free up mate? If it’s not a huge amount than I might keep those file there So no problem occure to my system in future. I hope to recieve followup via mail soon. Thanks

  2. Hi.

    compcln.exe only released 400MB!

    What about all other \Windows\winsxs subfolders?
    They are taking up more than 10GB!



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