How To Delete/Remove Services In Windows XP and Vista

Users can usually uninstall applications from their computers quite easily, however the same cannot be said for Windows services, of course you can disable a service, but the entry for it may still remain.

If you are looking for a way to completely delete a service in Windows XP and Vista, you are in the right place.

In this post we will see the steps for deleting a Windows service completely, rather than just disabling it.

Note: You should always delete services in safe mode, lest it causes you any problem, you may also want to create system restore points, just in case something goes wrong, check out a tool that will allow you to create system restore points with a single click.

Step 1: Press Start > Run and type in services.mscwithout the quotes and hit the Enter key.

Step 2: In the Services applet, find the service that you want to delete permanently, right click it and click on the Properties from the menu.


Step 3: In the properties window, find the name of the service and copy it to your clipboard.


You may also want to stop the service, if it is running, this will kill all the running processes for it.

Step 4: Open a command prompt, by going to Start > Run and type in cmdwithout the quotes and hit the Enter key.

Once a command prompt has opened up, type the command sc delete service name without the quotes, replace service name, with the name of the service you copied in step 3.


Once a service has been deleted you should see a message saying [SC] DeleteService SUCCESS, this should mean that the service has been deleted, to ensure that, just click on the refresh button in the services applet and confirm that the service has been deleted.

These are the only steps you require to delete services in Windows XP and , you do not require to install or download additional softwares to do it.

30 thoughts on “How To Delete/Remove Services In Windows XP and Vista”

  1. Yeah, right…

    I deleted the Bonjour Service (because it sucks with linksys routers locking up)

    Next I tried to remove the service and I copy the service name and issue the command without these quotes "sc delete Bonjour Service" which is exactly what it is listed as in the services control panel….

    So, how can the services control panel tell me it has one name and deny it when I try to remove the service?

    The long name for the service is showing as "##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##" and it's description is the same string.

    Also, how in the world did you highlight the "Service Name" in the above picture that happens to be the Bonjour Service?

    The picture at:

    I can't cut and paste like that in XP Pro SP3… Did you highlight that with a paint program?

    Maybe I should look in the registry to see if there's a way to remove the service there, since there's no way it can run without it's executables and support files I already deleted.

    And in case you wonder, I tried the removal logged in as Administrator, as well as my regular user account.

    Thanks for any help,


  2. i dont have nothing, but services contains a service named 'MyService1'. while deleting i got a message 'The Specified Service does not exist as an installed service'

    I am unable to install again.

    Help me to Delete & install Again.

  3. Oh, put quotes " " around the name of the service if it contains a space in the name. Like this:

    sc delete "delete me service"

    That worked for me.

  4. Keith,

    Thanks for this. I am not a techie and did not know how to delete a service.

    My delete failed. It told me "Open Sevice FAILED 1060. The specified service does not exist as an installed service." But getPlus(R) Helper is listed in the services list. Help! What now?



    1. use the the you selected to delete on services.msc seen on executable tab.

      ex: c:/sc delete EHttpSrv

      Hope you get a Success message.

    1. I cant delete the eset service entry. it says oper service failed 1060 the specified service does not exist as an installed service

  5. Use the DOS command:
    sc query state= all | find "NAME"
    You'll see a list of service names and display names… find the service name of the service to be axed. Then run:
    sc delete "your service name"
    with "your service name" replaced with the actual name of the service to be deleted

  6. A required entry in the registry is missing or an attempt to write to the registry failed. am getting this error message when i click on properties.anybody help me plz…………

  7. Thank you very much.
    With the steps provided here, i am able to delete the unnecessary services.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  8. Command

    sc delete eventlog

    It says Delete Success.

    But when I reboot , Crashes my system and then my system gets into recovery/restore mode.

    Why is it so ????

    1. The EventLog service is a system service — used, not surpisingly, to write to the eventlog — and should not be deleted.

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