How to Create Your Own Site Searches in Internet Explorer

2. Find the Techie Buzz site search box (upper right on page) and search for TEST (Use all CAPITAL letters).


3. When the results page appears, copy the address (URL) of the page from the address bar at the top of your web browser.

4. At the built-in search box, at the top right of the web browser, and use the pull down menu to select “Find More Providers”.

internet-explorer-7-find-more-providers internet-explorer-8-find-more-providers

5a. (IE7) In the yellow section of the page, labeled “Create Your Own”, paste your copied URL into the first empty text box.

5b. (IE8) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link Create your own Search Provider. The next page will have form for creating the new provider.


6. Then add the name of your new search “Techie Buzz Search” into the next box.

7. Click the install button.

Now you’ll immediately be able to use this new search by choosing it in the pull down menu on your web browser’s built-in search window.


You can create a search like this one, at any website with a search box that displays the search results URL in the browser address bar. Some websites don’t display the URL, but I’ve discovered a few other tricks that gets you what you need.

A. Go to your favorite search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

B. Use the site:search directive and the keyword TESTas I show below. Make sure that there is no space in between site:and the website domain name. You also shouldn’t use http://or wwwin the address.


C. Once you initiate the search, copy the URL from the address window in the browser and go back to step 5 above.

Now you know a couple more of my search tricks, but I have one last trick to share. Use the Advanced Searchfeatures in your search engine to generate some really fancy site searches.

  • Have fun with your new Search Providers, and be sure to comment below if you find a great site to that you think Microsoft should add to the list of Search Providers. Are there any requests for a similar custom search tutorial using Firefox, Opera or Chrome?

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  • lol I didn’t know this is possible as well :D
    by the way, can i do this in chrome or firefox? or internet explorer is a must for this?