Create Organization Charts Easily in Word 2010

Have you ever tried to come up with one of those cool organizational charts only to discover that it can be a real pain to do? All of the rectangles and lines going in every direction can get a little frustrating. A lot of people use a program like Visio to get this done. Visio is nice, but it can be a little complicated to use. Never fear, this tutorial will show you an easy way to create organizational charts in Word.

First things first; let’s open up Word 2010. Doing an organizational chart in Word requires a new feature called “SmartArt”. This is a great new feature in the Office 2010 family. To insert “SmartArt” into the Word document, click the “Insert” tab, and then click “SmartArt”. See the picture below for an example.

Smart Art

Once you click on “SmartArt”, you will see several options. In the picture below, you can see that there are several categories of “Smart Art”. The one that we will be using in this tutorial is filed under “Hierarchy”. We are going to use the one labeled “Picture Organization Chart”. I really like this chart because it not only lets you show the hierarchy, but it also let’s you add a person’s picture beside their name.

Picture Organization Chart

Once you have selected the picture organization chart, click OK. You will now see the screen pictured below.

Org Chart Options

Notice that you get several options when you insert the chart. At the top of the screen there is a “SmartArt Tools” tab with many options on the toolbar below. In the body of the document, you will see a small chart ready for you to fill in. To the left of the chart, you will see a window where you can type the text you want in each block of the chart. You will notice, above, that I typed my name in the first block. You can continue typing and the font will get smaller to fit in the block. There is also a small picture icon located to the left of the name block. If you click the icon, a dialog box will appear where you can insert the person’s picture in the block. See the example below to see how this looks.

Picture Added

You have a lot of options for changing the appearance of the organizational chart. If you want to add additional subordinates under a person, right-click their name on the chart, then find the “add shape” option from the menu that pops up, and finally, click where you want the new block to go. In this case, since we want a subordinate, we would choose “Add Shape Below”. See the picture below for an example.

Adding Shapes

By default, this chart was blue, however, there are many choices so you are not stuck with that color. If you look at the toolbar at the top of the page, you will see that you can change the layouts and the colors. Pictured below, you will see an example of some of the color changes you can make to your chart. Notice that as you mouse over the different options, the chart changes to show you how it will look with that change applied. There are more advanced options on the toolbar as well. For instance, you can change the shape of the blocks if you like. It’s all available on the “SmartArt Tools” bar.

Recolor the Chart

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Now you know an easy way to create a beautiful organizational chart, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Using Word’s “SmartArt” feature, you’ll look like a pro around the office!

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  • Alisa

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Tried using the MS Office Templates but couldn’t figure out how to edit text, move shapes, etc. Took me less than 15 mins. to create my company’s organization chart using your instructions. Thanks for making my day easier and more productive.

  • Cynthia Dale

    Very helpful and so simple.

  • linda

    Thanks a mil! the only prob I’m having is it made the chart so small I can’t see it. I tried dragging the whole thing out to fit the page, but then it only shows a part of the chart, even though there is plenty of blank page. ANy ideas?

  • linda

    Thanks a mil! the only prob I’m having is it made the chart so small I can’t see it. I tried dragging the whole thing out to fit the page, but then it only shows a part of the chart, even though there is plenty of blank page. ANy ideas?

  • Karren Barlow

    Thanks for the help! I have also found an Organizational Chart Template – Word through lucidchart that is very user friendly!

  • Marcy White

    Word 2010 is a great resource for org charts, but you should also try out Lucid Chart’s Org Chart Software. It is very easy to use and the charts look great!

  • If you’re frustrated about the restrictiveness of SmartArt you can give our web based org charting tool a try. We provide many templates to get started and you can style it exactly the way you want. Plus we have some awesome features like 1-click create and connect (shown below ) that makes it super easy to quickly come up with org charts.