How To Convert PDF Files TO JPG/PNG?

PDF Files are heavily used for document distribution, however there are certain times when you may want to convert a PDF file to a image, though we have listed about several handy PDF tools we have listed earlier, this post will provide you with a step by step guide to convert PDF Files to JPG.

Converting PDF Files to JPG

Step 1: Visit the Free Online File Conversion service Zamzar.

Step 2: Select the PDF file you want to convert to PNG format.


Step 3: From the available dropdown list select the PNG as the option you want to convert the file to.

Step 4: Enter your email address where you want to receive the converted document to.


Step 5: Click on the convert button.

Once the document has converted you will receive it as a email, you can use the same steps as listed above to convert the PNG file to JPG, this converting the PDF file to a JPG file.

Find the steps to convert PDF files to JPG too cumbersome? Take a look at some tools that will help you convert PDF files to Images right on your desktop.

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