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Insert Object in WordRecently, I was tasked to update our “Techie Buzz Keyboard Safety Manual”. As self appointed Safety Manager, I was concerned about the rash of keyboard related injuries many of our staff were incurring. When I began to work on the manual I noticed something very strange. The person that saved the original manual had saved each section as a separate Word document. At first I panicked. What do I do? Did I seriously want to copy and paste each document into the master document? Fortunately, I remembered a trick that made this as easy as pie. Today, I would like to show you that trick.

Open the document you wish to add other documents to in Word. In the image below, you will notice section one of the manual.  One thing to decide before you insert another document is whether you want the other document’s text to appear in the body of the current page, or below in its own page.  In this example, we’ll be adding a page break so that the imported document’s text will appear on its own page. Below, you will see a graphic with the “Insert” tab highlighted. Click the “Insert” tab on the ribbon toolbar.

Click the Insert Menu

On the “Insert” tab, you will see a “Page Break” button. The “Page Break” button is highlighted in the picture below. Clicking this button will insert a new page into the Word document.

Page Break Button

Now that you have a new page to work with, you can insert another Word document. On the same “Insert” tab there is an “Object” button.  It is usually found on the far right side of the ribbon toolbar in the “Text” group. If you click the downward pointing arrow beside the “Object” button, you will see an option that says “Text from File”. See the picture below.

Insert Object Button

When you click the “Text from File” button, a dialog box will pop up.  In the picture below, you can see the various Word documents that need to be inserted into this master document.

Insert File Window

In this dialog box, you can select one or all of the documents that you wish to insert into the master document. Hold down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and click each file that you want to insert. In the bottom right corner of this dialog box, there is a button that says “Insert”. Click the “Insert” button to combine these files into your master document.

Now all of your documents are combined into one. Producing your finished product is now just a matter of formatting and tweaking the paragraphs a little.  It is certainly faster than opening each document individually and copying the text. I hope you find good uses for this little tip.

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