Bypass Megavideo Time Limit

Update: February 16, 2011 – We have added another way to bypass the Megaupload limit at the bottom of the post.

Sometime back we told you about a trick to bypass the time limits imposed by Megavideo a popular site for watching videos. Megavideo imposes a limit of 72 minutes of continuous video watching till it pops up a alert saying that you need to wait for a certain time before you can watch the video.


This can be quite annoying when you want to watch longer videos continuously for free. The trick we told you previously helped many users to bypass those limits, however, we came across some new tricks to bypass the limit.


The first one includes getting a new video URL by visiting Mega Streaming and using it to watch the video instead of the regular Megavideo URL. The second one includes using a called IIIitmux.

You will need to generate the URL and use the add-on before you start watching the video. Have fun watching full videos at Megavideo without interruptions.  Bypass Megavideo time limits [via Life Hacker]

Update: You can now use a new site called to bypass the megavideo time limit or 72 minute restriction. The site also provides a Google Chrome extension which you can use to directly open the Megavideo videos in Mega Skipper.

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  • provides another great method to bypassing the megavideo timelimit.

    simply go to:
    add the "MegaVideo Stream/Download" bookmark

    go to the megavideo vid u want to see, and then click the bookmark :D

    • brian

      nice one.

    • George

      if I reach the limit does this work, because I have tried your method after I already reached it and it the video stays blank with the play icon in the center

    • confused

      I don’t get it. This is a hide link tool. Am I supposed to do something?

    • rb1000

      This is one of the angriest online discussions that i’ve ever seen. I’ve have tried many, many methods. Only one has worked, and it only KIND OF worked. worked in chrome, but it was still annoying because it wouldn’t let me skip ahead in the movie. I had to watch in from the beginning. Seems that it wouldnt buffer anything either. But ezywatch does offer some hope that a rumored good solution does exist…somewhere

      • rb1000

        o wait, let me correct myself. Its just Then in the lower left, theres an icon for WATCH IN FREE PLAYER or something such

        • rb1000

          wont work in mozilla btw. I didnt try IE explorer

          • rb1000

            btw, i always search for megavideo movies on and they always have this ad of david hasselholf. What happened to his face? Apparently he has eaten one too many hamburgers off the floor. We’re a long way from knight rider here, people

  • IIIitmux doesn't work anymore.
    MegaUpload seems to have caught on to their bypass method.

  • AJ

    IF YOU have a dynamic I.P adress..then IT IS VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYY EASSSYYYYYY…TO GET around the time limit on megavideo……

    turn off modem…..turn modem back on…….

    with dynamic I.P…….u will be given a new I,P adress….which will 100% GET AROUND THE LIMIT!! :):):):):):):):)):


    IT WILL give u a new ip adress…it wont by pass the limit BUT IT WILL REDUCE THE TIME FROM 50 MINTS to around 15 mints!! :):):):)

  • Sarah is down half the time so I've given up on that site. It's so useless.

    IIIitmux doesn't work anymore either. It tells you you have to go to Megaupload to stream your video or something and when you go there, it says the link is unavaliable. Ahhh

  • hopity

    Hiya, I have set up a site dedicated to bypassing the megavideo time limit with quite a few new solutions:

    • thats…great, hey um…you know, could u like, post this link to this amazing website? seems like u were just bragging like a douche about something thats not real….

  • rachid

    I think the best way at the moment to bypass megavideo limits is with cacaoweb.
    I've tried all other methods and they are not very reliable (to say the least).
    cacaoweb always work and removes all ads as well, so it's really the best bypasser at the moment

    • daniel

      Yeh I have tried cacaoweb and it simply does not work…. Dont lie by trying to and say that it does…

      • rachid

        it actually works very well. There are heaps of reviews about it and it works for everybody else. You might not know how to use a computer very well, that's all!

      • rachid

        btw cacaoweb address is <a href="” target=”_blank”> , maybe you didn't download the right software!

        • oh..yeah.. right… ok so a p2p program is going to remove the timelimit on megavideo..and then this same program is going to remove ads…

          which btw i have never, ever, ever, ever…ever gotten with megavideo…ever

          i dont get it…seems like a generic responce bot was trying to spread its website or a dumbass was trying to spread a virus

          • Alex

            I use MegaStreaming. 60% of the time, it works every time. Oh and you sound like a bastard. Now I can’t be a bot because bots don’t say bastard to assholes like you. There wasn’t any reason for rude comments but way to use the anonymity to your advantage, douche. Way to start up crap. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Katroushka

            Cacaoweb totally works, it basically uses P2P to “share Megavideo time”. It runs in the background even when you’re not watching movies to share your idle time with other Megavideo watchers. It has to be running in order to work, if you disable it in your browser or kill the process it will not bypass Megavideo, and it won’t contribute to the general pool of Megavideo time.

            Sometimes I kill it as a process when I’m not watching video, because it can run a little high, but generally it’s not a big deal. I’ve been using it for a few months now without any major concerns. It freezes partway through the video on occasion, with no way to reload it all the way through unless I clear my cache, and you can’t skip ahead like you can with Megavideo, but other than that, it works fine.

            To be honest I’m not sure why Illimitux is even paired with cacaoweb, the latter seems like a standalone to me, with Illimitux serving no obvious purpose.

    • David

      I have used cacaoweb for 2 months now and it works just fine. I use firefox, downloaded cacaoweb as an add on, i use, enter a movie title, click on it, scroll down to the list of players, pick megavideo,it starts to play then a new window opens up and it plays on cacaoweb. You can watch as many movies as you want in a day with no time limits. It is not rocket science, you just don’ know what u are doing if you can’t get it to work.

    • macuser89

      Cacaoweb works perfectly…in firefox. It will run in the background. when you hit a megavideo it will open a new tab and play the video. Make sure you install it as a plugin in firefox. when done correctly you will see a tiny icon at the bottom right hand corner of firefox. I am a mac user and it works in firefox bur NOT safari

      • Sphynx

        I have a mac as well, running Cacaoweb on firefox, got the little thingy in the lower right hand corner, get a cacaoweb window when I open a Megavideo file aaaaaaaaaand……it doesn’t work. Still get the time limit :( can’t figure out why it doesn’t work. Seems I did everything right…weird.

  • Anthony

    Noob techies…how about you press play then pause it and let it download once its done downloading the entire thing go to file and WORK OFFLINE then press play …it works on a timer this is a simple easy way without downloading extra crap on your computer.

    • Dans

      lawl that hasn't worked for some time now… phail

    • pwning_anthony

      dude calling someone a noob then spouting stupid remarks like that is a little ironic isn't it? megavideo tracks your I.P so it's not that it doesn't let you watch more than 72 minutes it just doesn't let stream 72 minutes worth of video

      • *sigh* no, it will stream over 72 minutes of video, but then after you press "go online" megavideo recognizes that you watched more than 72 minutes and messes up.

        the technique works but only to shorten the timer. u have to be playing for the timer to start counting on your ip address..dont say hes spouting anything because he is actually correct, but it is indeed the most idiotic way to do this as you waste twice(or more) of the time trying to watch one video, and you will eventually still hit a limit when u go back on to watch another video.

  • Warbeast

    None of the above or below work, so for those coming across this article and reading the comments, don't bother. I have tried them all and they simply DO NOT WORK! I'm not sure why people claim that they do or write articles saying they do, maybe it's spam related or generated more visitors to the site but none of these methods work. The only way to bypass megavideo's time limit is either:

    1. Pay the subscription fee

    2. Change your IP address once the time limit pops up. You can use Hotspot shield to hide your ip address and get another or if you know how to physically change your ip address in your settings, but that does depend on what kind of settings your ISP uses.

    That's it, nothing else works, regardless of wha anyone else says, claims or any other bullshit method.


    • um yo, or something anyway then use the bypass…… it works for well over 72mins, but still reaches a stopping point

      illumitux works fine with new update.

  • nath

    how can get a url?

    • Ben

      Why you roll ur cursor on the video there are alot of options….like “see full screen” and stuff……there’s one which says “show URL” click on it and there you go!!

  • megavideo

    I've used MegaSkipper extension in Chrome and it's working great

  • Janneate

    thanks but there is a better way :D

    Nothing to download aand no settings to tweat. ;)

    You can add to ur list.

  • fucku

    megastreaming doesnt work and the illumix uses some fail BROWSER HIJACKER WINDOWS EXECUTABLE TO HIJACK YOUR BROWSER dont fucken download it!!!!1

  • lu

    Hmm. All i do is simply unplug my internet connection, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in and it resets.

  • Emily

    The problem with illimitux is that it requires the cacaoweb plugin, which doesn’t work with Mac OS X.

    • The best way to watch megavideo is to install Hotspot shield, this is what you do. when the megavideo alert comes on saying you reach the limit. open hotspot shield and it will assign new ip address, then simply refresh your browser start watching videos.

  • Ramious

    You’re all stupid. Lol. Simple solution. Just don’t use Megavideo. There’s like a million other sites out there you can stream for free with no caps. OR Just download the video, and watch it. Either way. Stream or download. You use the same amount of bandwidth. >_> YOU’RE ALL NOOBS NOW STOP FIGHTING. Lol.

  • johny

    ok BS i tried every thing and nothing fucking worked so if anybody finds out how to bypass it let me know dont tell me things like ezywatch or megastreaming cacoaweb or any other type of BS like that and face the truth megavideo is stupid you cant bypass it, thats it drop this BS

    • johny

      oh read on if you want to know whats happening :)

  • Mike

    Hey there is nice Megavideo Streamer on also

  • Deepika

    megaskipper is not loading my video…please solve it…

    • Megaskipper does not work either none of the above techniques work. Not even getting premium account with megavideo works… TIS ALL LIES ALL LIES I TELLZ YA LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES!!! I like pie :3

      • JMC17

        I’m using Firefox and none works, nothing to do with me and computer skills. There’s no misunderstanding, all those doesnt work for me.
        It either says Stream not found (even though I’ve got it right) or the player never appears on the screen. I’ve also tried blocking cookies and clearing them.

        For all the people who says unplug your modem, you’re obviously playing in your mom’s basement. If i unplugged the modem, a few computers would be disconnected and alot of anger would come right at me. Also the modem is on another floor, would be pretty annoying to go switch it on and off every hours and not talking about the people it’d piss off.

        So those of you who acts like you know better, just shut up. Like Ramious who says there’s a million hosting services out there for streaming videos when really there’s only a handful and they all have time limits. Also telling us to download the video when obviously, if you download the episode it’ll take twice as long before you can watch it either because the host as a slow connection or simply because streaming basically means to watch the video while it’s downloading. Using IP Hiders (free proxies) will slow down your connection to a point where you can no longer watch a video without totally losing the buffer, having to pause and let it download for awhile which is frustrating. Often you’ll struggle just to get a website homepage to load properly…

        I’d try another browser like Chrome but it’s made by Google..
        Seriously if you want to know someone’s secret.. ask google, they’ve got maps, satellite, search engines, hosting services, email services, social networks and now they’ve got an internet browser. Is anyone suspicious at all? Did you know military groups from all around the world calls Google and tell them exactly where their secret bases are, so they can hide it in Google Maps. And none of what I said is theoretic..