How To Block Tynt Read More Links While Copy-Pasting From Websites

I love the concept behind Tynt, it is a service which adds a Read more link when you copy content from certain sites. However, the problem here is that it is also truly annoying and hurts my productivity, since I have to keep deleting all that additional data added to my copied text.

To restore my productivity levels I searched for ways to disable them from adding the additional content to my text. First of for Users, there are couple of which block the Tynt script. You can download the Tynt Blocker extension from here or also try out the Tynt Blocker 2 extension from here.

Unfortunately there are no Tynt blockers for , and Internet Explorer. However, I did find an alternative to block Tynt completely on all browsers thanks to Daring Fireball. All you have to do is edit your hosts file and add a new line to it as shown below.

If you are not sure how to edit an host file, you might want to read a previous guide on using hosts file to block websites or also download a Hosts file manager to easily edit the file.

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