Block Flash Animations In Google Chrome

Flash animations can be annoying at times and many of them use voice to alert users about something like Congratulations, you have just won a iPod, now when you are in a office these animations and sounds can put you into a spot of embarrassment.


If you are a user like me, there is no easy way to block flash animations, however a user script called BlockFlash Plus will allow you to block Flash animations in Google Chrome. You can play the animations by clicking a button on the flash object.

BlockFlash Plus Features

  • Based on the BlockFlash and FlashBlock scripts.
  • Supports both Flash and Silverlight
  • Uses two methods to block Flash and Silverlight elements to ensure they are blocked
  • Uses an icon to cover animations (complete with mouse-over effect)
  • Supports whitelist (add url to "var exclude")
  • Runs instantly.

This is a userscript, so the installation is a bit different, if you do not know how to use userscripts in Google Chrome read our tutorial to Enable Userscripts support in Google Chrome.

Download BlockFlash Plus

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