Backup Your Bookmarks In Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Flock and Opera

Bookmarking is a integral part of your browser and over a period of time you may have collected hundreds and thousands of bookmarks. There are various ways to synchronize and backup your bookmarks that we have already talked about. But the fact that many people do not know the basic way to backup bookmarks from browsers led us to write this post.

In this post we will basically tell you how to backup your bookmarks in Firefox 3, Firefox 2, Internet Explorer, Flock, Safari and Opera. Note you do not need any additional tools to backup your bookmarks with the tips we will discuss in this post.

Backup Bookmarks in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 has a enhanced bookmarking system and that is one of the reasons why we are going to talk about both Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 separately.

To backup your bookmarks in Firefox 3 navigate to the Bookmarks menu and click on organize bookmarks option.


A new bookmark manager window will popup showing you the bookmarks you have. In the new popup window click on the Import and Backup option and select Export HTML from it.


Once you have clicked on the Export HTML option you will be asked for a location to store the resulting html file containing all your bookmarks. Choose a location and save the file in a safe location.

The next time you create a new profile or install a fresh version of Firefox you can simply use the Import HTML option to import your bookmarks into Firefox.

Backup Bookmarks in Firefox 2

Firefox 2 slightly differs from the Firefox 3 method with regards to user interface, in order to backup your bookmarks in Firefox 2, click on the bookmarks menu and select organize bookmarks.


Once you have clicked on the Organize Bookmarks item the bookmark manager window will popup. In the new window from the file menu select Export and choose the location where you want to backup your bookmarks.


After you have backed up your bookmarks you can easily import them back using the import function when you create a new Firefox profile or reinstall it from scratch.

Backup Bookmarks In Internet Explorer

To backup your bookmarks in Internet Explorer navigate to the File menu and click on Import and Export option.


A new pop-up window should open showing you a message saying Welcome to Import/Export Wizard. Click on the next button in the wizard, you will be shown different options to choose from. Select Export Favorites from the list shown to you and click on next.


In the next frame select the root folder of the bookmarks usually named Favorites.


Clicking on next will take you to the final frame where you will be able to select whether you want to export the bookmark to an external application or save to a file. For the purpose of backing up your bookmarks select the option to export to a file or address and click on next.


Once you have done that click on the finish button. Your bookmarks will be backed up to the location your chose. To import your bookmarks back into Internet Explorer choose the Import option.

Backup Bookmarks In Flock

To backup your bookmarks in Flock choose the Favorites Manager option from the Favorites menu.


A new window should open up showing you your bookmarks, in this window select the Export option from the file menu;


A new save dialog show be shown to you when you click on the export option, choose the location where you want to backup your bookmarks and click on save.

Importing is easy too just select the Import option and specify the location to your backed up bookmarks file to restore all your favorite bookmarks into Flock.

Backup Bookmarks in Safari

To backup bookmarks in Safari, select the Export bookmarks option from the File menu.


Once you have clicked on the option you should see a file save dialog allowing you asking you for the location to save the bookmarks. Choose the location you want to save your bookmarks in and click on the Save button.

You can use the Import Bookmarks option in Safari to re-import the bookmarks once again.

Backup Bookmarks in Opera

To backup your bookmarks in Opera browser, click on the Manage Bookmarks option in the Bookmarks menu.


A new tab will be opened showing you the bookmarks in Opera. In the new window from the File menu select Export as HTML or Export Opera Bookmarks option.


A new save dialog should be shown to you from where you can save the file and use it to restore your bookmarks at a later date.


Backing up your bookmarks is quite easy and you can easily do it by yourself without the need for any external tools. Your bookmarks may contain lots of important links which you may have collected over time and losing them could undo quite a lot of work.

To be on the safer side remember to always keep a backup of your bookmarks, better safe than to be sorry.

Do you use any other ways to backup your bookmarks, do let us know through your comments.

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  1. One you missed: Maxthon. With Max’s online sync, you can store your bookmarks on Maxthon’s servers and download them whenever you’re traveling, using someone else’s computer, or simply lost your local version through some mishap.

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    Actually this bookmark manager is useful to backup all the bookmarks.
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